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How Our Hospital Private Patient Transport Service Makes You Comfortable

A collection of images showing EMA's private patient transport service ambulance crew with patients, helping into private ambulances

Why is a Private patient Transport service more comfortable?  Private hospital patient transport makes journeys considerably more comfortable by providing extra care for the people who need it most. Travelling to and from the hospital can be a nerve-wracking experience for some, especially those with mental health issues or fear around clinical situations. All patients […]

Do You Need A Private Ambulance?

EMA staff, using specialist equipment to transfer a patient into an EMA private ambulance, for a private patient transport service

Do you need a private ambulance? At EMA Patient Transport, we provide a high-quality tailor-made service for your individual needs. Deciding on whether a private ambulance is right for you can be a complex one, so in this blog, we will discuss the points you need to consider when making your decision.   What will it […]