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Travelling near and far to support patients

The EMA Ambulance crew, travelling across the UK to transport patients

  Our team of highly trained, conscientious, and experienced professionals can travel both near and far to provide the specialist transport support that patients require.  EMA – providing secure transport, non-emergency patient transport across the UK We are proud to be a Dorset-based organisation, providing secure transport, non-emergency patient transport and our private ambulance service […]

What you can expect from our Private Ambulance Service

A patient feeling the benefits of EMA's private ambulance service

What to expect from EMA’s Private Ambulance Service Looking for a private ambulance service to support your relative, but feeling unsure because you don’t know what to expect?  For those who have not yet taken advantage of our Private Ambulance Service, or you are still unsure about how this service could be beneficial for yourself […]