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Care Home Transport Service

Are you looking for a care home transport service for a loved one or patient in care? Our state of the art private ambulances are ideal for individuals who need a bespoke, assisted journey, to and from care and nursing homes.

Care Home Transport From EMA Patient Transport

At EMA Patient Transport, we understand the importance of providing compassionate and reliable care home transport services for care and nursing home residents throughout the South Coast of England. Our mission is to ensure that every journey, whether it’s to a new care home, a crucial medical appointment, or a community or special event, is conducted with the highest level of care and attention. The journeys are tailored to the unique needs of each resident or patient.

Why EMA Patient Transport is Your Trusted Provider

EMA is renowned for its dedicated care home transport services, collaborating closely with esteemed Care and Nursing Home Groups like Colten Care Homes and Barchester Healthcare in the South Coast region. We are proud to be the only private ambulance provider listed on, serving the care and nursing home community with dedication and professionalism.

Why Choose EMA?

At EMA Patient Transport, we are more than just a private patient transport service; we are a team dedicated to making a difference in the lives of care home residents by providing non-emergency, safe, secure, and comfortable patient transport solutions tailored to their needs:

A Highly Qualified Team:

Our ambulance crews are not only experienced but come with backgrounds in the care sector or emergency services, ensuring the highest safety standards. We prioritise the safety and security of our patients, offering peace of mind to residents, care home staff, and families alike. The ambulance crew are fully trained in handling and lifting techniques and are specialists at dealing with patients that are difficult to access.

Bespoke Tailored Journeys:

EMA prides itself on delivering personable services, ensuring a comfortable and dignified experience for all patients. Our crews are trained to handle various needs, including those of patients with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other mental health issues. Any potential issues are discussed and addressed before any journey, ensuring a stress-free experience for both residents and their families.

Specialist Private Ambulances:

Thanks to our comprehensive private ambulance fleet we offer specialised private ambulance services tailored to meet the unique needs of each resident. Our vehicles are fully equipped to address a wide range of mobility needs, featuring stretchers, secure wheelchair fittings, and ramps.

Open Communication With Patients and Families:

Communication is key to our service. We maintain open and regular communication with care homes, residents, and their families, allowing us to fully understand each patient's needs and preferences. Our commitment to transparency and dialogue is reflected in our 5-star service reviews, highlighting our dedication to excellence in care home transport services.

Special Requests & Days Out

Understanding the importance of life’s special moments, EMA offers care home transport services for occasions where medical or physical assistance is required. From weddings, graduations and funerals to simple joys like a seaside visit, we ensure these precious moments are accessible to all residents.  Our flexibility even extends to fulfilling unique requests, such as facilitating memorable visits to cherished places, as we have done recently for some palliative patients, transporting them to their favourite local beaches for one last cherished visit with their families.

What Area's Do EMA Provide Their Services For?

EMA’s care and nursing home transport services operate in Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Hampshire, Reading, Avon & Wiltshire, Kent, Guildford & London. We also quote and operate across the whole of the United Kingdom for repatriation and long distance journeys where needed.

Booking EMA’s Services

Our care home transport services for residents and patients can be booked by family members and healthcare professionals. To book our services or for more information, please call us at 0800 634 1478, fill out an enquiry form, or send us an email. Our experienced team is here to assist you in any way they can.  Contact us today to experience the EMA difference.


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