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At EMA Patient Transport, we believe that secure transport services don’t have to be difficult, time-consuming or basic. We strive to provide a service that is comfortable for patients as well as creating a safe environment for travel for them.
Our bespoke mental health transport vehicles are created with the patient in mind and our fully qualified staff have various specialities meaning that we can deal with a broad range of patients.  

Why a Secure Transport Service matters

Dealing with mental health patients can be challenging and travel can often cause upset amongst various patients with it regularly being uncomfortable, stressful and potentially trauma-inducing. With a secure transport service like ours, we don’t just have the job in mind, the patient is at the centre of everything that we do.
Our professional service emphasises the importance of care and safety of patients and we have designed our transport vehicles to support this. Not only do we have the appropriate medical equipment on board to deal with potential issues, but we also include distraction materials to make the journey easier for those that need it. Patients can colour, watch movies, listen to music, all in aid of making the journey better for them to deal with.
If you’re interested in our services, you can book now or if you have any questions, please don’t be hesitant to email us on:

Our expertise extends to:

Conveying people detained under the Mental Health Act 1983: Patients detained under the mental health act may need a service to transport them to appointments, hospitals, etc. We’ll make sure they get there safely and in a comfortable environment.

Safely removing patients from hospital wards: Patients who are physically resisting and consequently need to be sectioned may need extra care. That’s where we come in; we’ll ensure the patient is relaxed and secure, providing a smooth and efficient conversion.

Helping approved mental health professionals to carefully remove patients from their homes: When patients are physically resisting after being detained under the mental health act, it’s important they’re treated with compassion. EMA Transport will securely provide a patient-focused transportation service from home to their destination.

Transfers from police custody suites to hospitals: Delays when transporting a patient from police custody to the hospital can cause unnecessary distress; that’s why we always carefully and securely transport patients in a time-efficient manner.

Easily transporting recumbent patients: With the help of stretchers and our bespoke vehicles, EMA Transport will safely and securely transport patients with additional needs, allowing for a more comfortable and relaxed journey.

Providing a secure environment for relocations to and from prison: It’s essential that all patients feel comfortable and are treat with care. Our staff are highly trained with years of experience to ensure each patient is appropriately looked after while travelling with us.

Assisting with Court of Protection cases and writing transitional plans to assist social workers with the safe and secure removal of patients from their home.

We offer our services for all age groups. Our CQC registration means we can provide transport for elderly patients who may have additional needs, right down to young children and babies needing extra support. We’ll make sure all of our patients receive the very best care whilst travelling with us.