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If you are an organisation that deals with mental health patients and individuals requiring healthcare support, have you considered how partnering with an experienced transport provider could support you and your patients? With the current pandemic having already had a huge impact on the healthcare sector, it is vital these organisations have access to the support they need to continue providing an excellent service to patients

What springs to mind when we hear the term ‘mindfulness’ will be different for everyone. For some, it may make them think of a ‘zen’ like state and practising yoga; for others, it might bring to mind deep breathing and other relaxation techniques.  Whatever your interpretation of mindfulness, however, the benefits of practising it daily are undeniable. What Is Mindfulness? Put simply, mindfulness is the act of being

We have recently produced our Secure Transport Report 2021 to contribute to the discussion  around mental health and to highlight the vital role that services including secure transport play in supporting patients. Our detailed report collates a wide range of information from our experiences, NHS surveys and discussions with healthcare professionals, and takes a detailed look at topics including the type of transporting options available to

In recent months, myself and the rest of the team have been delighted to launch our new Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service. Under this service, we safely, securely and comfortably transport patients who for medical reasons cannot travel through other means of transport to hospital, doctor or clinical appointments. Why have we launched this service? Over recent years, we have built great and long lasting working relationships with a

A handy list of tips on how to maintain better everyday living, including finance and appetite, while facing a mental health problem. We fully understand that the pressures of everyday living can feel overwhelming while you’re facing a mental health problem. Sometimes, even getting yourself up and out of bed feels like an impossible task. For times like this, we’ve gathered a few helpful tips that

If you’re considering any career within nursing, read our guide to a career as a Mental Health Nurse. Mental health nursing is a challenging yet rewarding career choice. Are you interested in working a job making a difference and closely supporting patient recovery? Or are you searching to know more about the qualifications, training and skill it takes to fill a mental health nursing role? Our

In this guide, we will identify the key things to look for and considerations to make when hiring a care service such as home care and a care home. What To Look For When Hiring A Care Service Whether you are choosing a care home, an at-home care worker, or a secure patient transport company, you need to know what to look for to make sure you