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The benefits of using private medical transportation instead of NHS ambulances are well known. By choosing a private service, you ensure that your needs are responded to quickly and efficiently. These services get patients the urgent medical care they need as soon as possible. They are a more suitable option for those not in an emergency or who require a more secure and quieter journey,

At EMA, we work closely with Care Homes and Care Home Groups in the south coast region as their private ambulance partner to help transport residents to and from their care home as well as appointments.  Our team provide a professional service that maintains residents safety and security whilst delivering personal service and make sure they are comfortable whilst in our care.  Safety & Security Our experienced and

We have recently started to provide non-emergency patient transport services to the Neonatal Unit at University Hospital Dorset Foundation Trust (UHD) to transport babies and nurses safely between the Maternity ward at Poole General Hospital and the main hospital. Having built a close working relationship with UHD providing non-emergency transport and Secure Mental Health Transport, we are regular contact with the Patient and Medical Transport Manager

Following on with our series of meeting the team, we recently spoke to Stefan Amariei who has joined the EMA in the last couple of months as an Ambulance Crew Member. As we continue our rapid growth in providing Private and NEPTS Ambulance Services across Dorset and the South, we need passionate and personable individuals to join the every expanding team – Stefan is certainly one

It’s rarely sensible to leave anything down to chance. Your patient ambulance trips are no exception! For the best experience possible, you ought to plan your activities before the journey. After all, ensuring your safety, security and comfort span beyond choosing the right vehicle. Boarding your private ambulance after a stress-free routine will leave you in a much better position. You’ll be able to enjoy

When looking for transport options to support your grandparents in getting to and from any medical appointments they have, have you considered working with a transport provider and using a private ambulance service? We have found that we are often contacted by the grandchildren of elderly individuals, to enquire about our services and discuss how we can support their grandparents when journeying to appointments. So in this

We are proud to be able to offer patients a convenient and private transport experience, providing a stress-free and comfortable journey in one of our state-of-the-art ambulances, which has been entirely tailored for them. Our Private Ambulance Service is ideal for individuals seeking a more relaxed and private journey, but also for those who are not as mobile or who require additional support travelling to appointments,

Our experience, caring and compassionate team, and fleet of customised vehicles make us a great organisation to partner with as your chosen patient transport provider.  Patient transport plays a critical role in the type of experience a patient receives and this is why it is important you are partnering with a trusted provider and really investing in the care, comfort, and safety of your patients. (link

As we approach World Hospice and Palliative Care Day on the 9th of October, we wanted to take the time to share some information about how we work to support individuals being treated in this type of care setting.  We have seen first-hand the important and amazing role that carers, nurses and other staff play in providing the most comfortable and positive last months, weeks and