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A handy list of tips on how to maintain better everyday living, including finance and appetite, while facing a mental health problem. We fully understand that the pressures of everyday living can feel overwhelming while you’re facing a mental health problem. Sometimes, even getting yourself up and out of bed feels like an impossible task. For times like this, we’ve gathered a few helpful tips that

If you’re considering any career within nursing, read our guide to a career as a Mental Health Nurse. Mental health nursing is a challenging yet rewarding career choice. Are you interested in working a job making a difference and closely supporting patient recovery? Or are you searching to know more about the qualifications, training and skill it takes to fill a mental health nursing role? Our

In this guide, we will identify the key things to look for and considerations to make when hiring a care service such as home care and a care home. What To Look For When Hiring A Care Service Whether you are choosing a care home, an at-home care worker, or a secure patient transport company, you need to know what to look for to make sure you

The conversation around mental health is continuing to grow. We all know that we need to take care of our bodies. Whilst mental health may be catching up to the discussion about physical health where there is still a gap, for many people, is knowledge. We know how to improve our physical health – by exercising and eating well – but many of us are less clear on how to

We have just signed up to become a Dementia Friend!! As part of our on going development, we are always exploring new ways of improving the service we provide to ensure that patients are conveyed in the best way possible. This month we have been looking at how we can embrace the needs of patients who suffer from Dementia. The Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme is the biggest ever initiative to

We have the first Secure mental health ambulance in Dorset that is equipped with a stretcher, wheelchair, TVs, Wifi and Mood lighting to name a few. It’s an exciting time for us from design and build through to implementation. This ambulance along with the rest of our fleet has been up and around the country conveying patients.