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Inside the Private Ambulance; Our 7 Key Support Equipment
Inside an EMA Private Ambulance

What is inside an EMA ambulance?

EMA Patient Transport guarantees that our ambulances are stocked up with every piece of crucial support equipment you could need! No matter the length of your journey, you’re in safe hands with a tailored service from a professional, patient transport team.

So, you know for a fact that our transport services will cater to your safety needs. With your health in mind, what can you expect to see when travelling in our vehicles?

Here we take you for a look inside the ambulance and at our seven pieces of essential support equipment.

Oxygen Cylinders

Onboard all of our vehicles, we also store oxygen cylinders. Our largest is 10 litres, perfect for long journeys with any individuals suffering from lung conditions. Each ambulance can also provide another smaller cylinder at 2 litres. Our smaller cylinder is suitable for equipping once you’re exiting the ambulance for your hospital appointment since it is mobile.

While our oxygen cylinders are most important for individuals with breathing problems, they’re also helpful in the event of any sudden heart problems. Oxygen could be a life-saver for any individual!


At EMA Patient Transport, we also carry wheelchairs in our ambulances. Our wheelchairs include a regular ward chair for assisted general mobility and a track chair specifically for downstairs. We can conveniently strap our regular wheelchairs or patients’ personal wheelchairs into our vehicles! Patients can comfortably undertake any journey without needing to leave their chair.

Our track chair proves useful once we’ve arrived at a property. They enable us to handle any stairs with ease and grace. This makes the beginning of any appointment much less stressful.

A Stretcher

Our non emergency patient transport service offers less-mobile patients the choice to travel lying down rather than sitting upright! When a wheelchair doesn’t suit, the stretcher we store in all vehicles will transport any individual.

Our patient transport team members are trained in managing heavy equipment and manoeuvring stretchers inside and outside the ambulance.

Monitoring Equipment

All EMA Patient Transport ambulances come equipped with observation kits, including thermometers, blood pressure machines, and devices to monitor oxygen levels in the blood. We can catch any irregularities before they escalate and quickly issue treatment with our safety equipment. We closely observe any individual travelling in our vehicles, which could be crucial to catching health threats during a long journey.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a staple of patient care which is why we have one on board all of our ambulances. Each first aid kit is fully restocked after use so we have everything we need to treat minor injuries. Our dedicated team are fully first aid trained and can deliver safely deliver treatment to patients.


As if our safety equipment isn’t enough, our team also offers music during travel. Some thoughtful entertainment can massively reduce the anxiety of a journey, and the sound systems on our vehicles allow for any individual to enjoy their own songs.

Support Equipment Inside An Ambulance

Our patient transport ambulances have a lot to offer beyond the equipment in them. However, these seven pieces of support equipment are fundamental to caring for our patients. In every EMA ambulance you will find:

  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Wheelchairs
  • A stretcher
  • Monitoring equipment
  • A first aid kit
  • Entertainment equipment

First Aiders

All of this equipment is vitally important. But they are only as effective as the people handling them. That is why EMA have an expert team of highly trained professionals. Our first aiders are the most important part of our onboard support! They ensure all the equipment in our ambulances can be safely and effectively utilised when needed. They are the cornerstone of our patient transport service. All vehicles travel with two staff members, a driver and an attentive crew member fully equipped with PPE. All crew members are trained in first aid and patient handling.

Preparing A Patient Transport Ambulance

The preparation taken for any secure patient transport service is careful and methodical. After use, we fully restock first aid kits and thoroughly clean our vehicles with a Safe2Stay sanitiser spray. Every journey is taken in one of our pristine customised ambulances designed to meet your unique requirements.

Safe And Professional Patient Transport

When you’re searching for a patient transport service that goes the extra mile, EMA Patient Transport is here for you. We have a highly trained team that really cares. Amazing customised ambulances designed for a variety of needs. And, of course, all the key support equipment you need for a safe journey. Book now, and rest assured that you’re in safe hands when travelling in any one of our ambulances.

Learn More About Patient Transport

Patient transport is a broad topic. It covers both physical and mental health among many other areas. All of which are extensive and in-depth topics in their own right. We have explored the various parts of these topics through our blog. And we have extensive guides outlining the many things we are doing at EMA to provide better, safer and more comfortable journeys for our patients.

Read our post on Our Inclusive Transport Service to discover the importance of inclusivity in patient transport and discover how we created a service to accommodate everyone. Or learn How To Prepare For Your Patient Ambulance Trip with this helpful guide.

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