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Patient Transport Service (NEPTS)

EMA Transport provides a safe, professional, and secure Non-emergency Patient Transport Service for all patients.

An Efficient and Professional Patient Transfer Experience

At EMA Patient Transport, we convey patients who, for medical reasons, cannot travel by public transport or any other means to their hospital, doctors, or clinical appointment. We also offer transportation to high dependency patients with medical conditions that may require the skills and support of our trained PTS team during or after their journey. Our main priority is to provide safe and professional patient transport for a wide variety of healthcare appointments and visits. These include, but are not limited to:

Outpatients appointments

Day care

Planned admissions and discharges

Inter-hospital transfers

Our Patient Transport Service

EMA Patient Transport strives to deliver a professional service every time, emphasising the importance of care and safety of patients. Not only have we designed our transport vehicles to support this, but we also stock the appropriate medical equipment on board to deal with any potential issues and distraction materials to make the journey more accessible for those who need it. Some of the services we offer include:

Ad-hoc journeys

Shift cover

National coverage

Private bookings


Who Our Services Are For

At EMA Patient Transport, we believe that patient transport services shouldn’t be difficult, time-consuming, or basic. We strive to provide a comfortable service for patients and create a safe environment for travel. Our professional and reliable patient transport is ideal for a range of service providers, including:



Local authority

Care homes

Insurance companies

We also accommodate private patients meaning you can be sure you’ve got hospital transport covered whenever you need us. EMA Transport caters to everyone, including children. You can rest assured that the patient will be in the safest and most efficient hands. We have the perfect combination of highly qualified and friendly healthcare professionals as well as safe, welcoming, and high-quality vehicles.

Our Patient Transport Vehicles

At EMA Patient Transport, all of our vehicles have been hand-built and are fully customised for our patients. Our bespoke fleet of specialist vehicles all maximise the mobility, security, and safety of all patients and staff.

Our patients’ health and safety is the number one priority, and we have prepared for many possible scenarios. That’s why all of our vehicles carry oxygen, a defibrillator, first aid kits, observation kits and more. Our team is filled with professionally trained members who are qualified to use our ambulances’ equipment if needed.

If you require a safe and secure patient transport service, our experienced team and bespoke ambulances are on hand to help. If you’re looking to enquire about pricing or availability.

Contact us today on 0800 634 1478 and choose option 3 to enquire about availability and pricing.


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