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Our Team

Just as our mental health ambulances are the heart of EMA Patient Transport, our team are the soul of everything we do.
We’re lucky to have built a dedicated team of nursing clinicians and support workers, all with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets from within specialist mental health settings.
Sam Easy

Managing Director, PMVA Lead

Clare Troke

Mental Health Support Worker & Moving and Handling Lead

James Barber

Mental Health Support Worker & Fleet lead

Kirsty Horn

Registered Mental Health Nurse

Andre Renson-Mogg

Registered Mental Health Nurse

Sheanna Day

Administrative Assistant

Ben Chadwick

Mental Health Support Worker

Steve Wight

Mental Health Support Worker

Becky Bamford

HR and Compliance Manager

Gary Funnell

Mental Health Support Worker & Driving Assessor

Paul Vacher

Mental Health Support Worker, Handcuffing and Searching Lead

Sammy Clark

Mental Health Support Worker

Sarah Stainforth

Registered Mental Health Nurse, Paramedic & Enhanced Life Support Lead

Mo Matoug

Mental Health Support Worker

Becky Bell

Mental Health Support Worker & Infection Control Lead

Dawn Carter

Accounts & Payroll Lead

Elliot Smith

Registered Mental Health Nurse

Steve Hogarth

Mental Health Support Worker

Hannah Ward

Registered Mental Health Nurse

Jenifer Peters

Mental Health Support Worker

Stephen Hawke

Mental Health Support Worker

Peter Powell

Mental Health Support Worker

Nicola Greenwood

Mental Health Support Worker

Kevin Myall

Mental Health Support Worker

Mental Health Transport Training

It’s also vital that everyone receives continued training in the best practices of quality and care, all in compliance with the CQC. This puts us in the best position to transport patients of all ages in a safe, secure, efficient, and comforting manner.
All our staff are highly trained and continue to develop through industry-recognised training.

Mental Health Experience

Our mental health ambulance team’s experience extends beyond EMA’s secure transport service. Our team have developed and honed their abilities working in a variety of mental health fields.
Working as mental health specialists in areas such as those listed above, our team have encountered a full spectrum of mental health and faced and resolved many issues and situations.

Mental Health Transport Experience

In addition to their prior mental health experience, our team are well versed specifically in mental health transport. Our mental health transport service is used by patients of all kinds giving our team wide-ranging experiences to draw from with every new journey.
From safety removing resisting patients from hospital wards to transporting patients between Police custody suites, HBpoS and in the community, we are experienced with many transport types.

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