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EMA's Private Ambulance Vehicle Fleet

Bespoke non-emergency Private Ambulance, Mental Health and Secure Transport Services.

EMA ambulance crew stood next to a mental health ambulance
EMA Patient Transport ambulance crew

EMA’s Private Ambulance Fleet

At EMA Patient Transport, our fleet of bespoke non-emergency private ambulances play a pivotal role in the success of our Private Ambulance, Mental Health and Secure Transport Services.

We understand that the quality of a private patient transport service is intrinsically linked to the vehicle in which the patient is transported. With this in mind, we’ve invested in the best ambulance vehicles available, ensuring each one is tailored to the unique needs of our patients.

What Medical Equipment is On Board?

All our vehicles, be it private or secure transport ambulances, are equipped with essential medical equipment, including oxygen, first aid kits, observation kits, and more. Our team is professionally trained and qualified to use this equipment, ensuring the health and safety of our patients at all times.

EMA Private Ambulances

Our private ambulances are designed to provide a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience for individuals who require assistance with medical transport.

Whether it’s a care home transfer, outpatient appointment, a planned hospital admission, or any other engagement or appointment you need assistance getting too, our private ambulances are equipped to ensure a seamless experience.

Hand Built and Fully Customised for Our Patients

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our bespoke fleet of private ambulances and saloon cars. Each vehicle is hand-built and fully customised to maximise the mobility, security, and safety of patients and ambulance crew. 

EMA’s private ambulances are outfitted for comfort and safety. Accommodating room for a stretcher or wheelchair, with feature ramps to support patients with mobility challenges. We strive to provide easy access and a comfortable journey for all patients. This is regardless of their mobility needs or the specific accommodations required. There is also room for a carer or loved one if you or they want to travel with you.

EMA Secure Mental Health Transport Ambulances

Our secure ambulances are designed to provide a safe, secure, comfortable and stress free experience for mental health patients who require transport.

Our secure ambulances are equipped to ensure a seamless as possible experience. This includes state of the art equipment and a fully trained and experienced ambulance crew. 

Hand Built and Fully Customised for Our Patients

EMA’s commitment to providing a smooth secure transport experience, is evident in our bespoke fleet of mental health secure ambulances and saloon cars. The company’s secure ambulances are hand-built and fully customised to maximise the benefit, mobility, security, and safety of patients. This is needed when transporting patients to and from mental health hospitals, secure facilities, homes, police custody, court or prisons.

The EMA Secure Transport Experience

Ensuring the comfort, benefit and wellbeing of our patients is paramount. To alleviate any tension we also provide distraction materials for the patient. These include playing cards, magazines, colouring books, snacks, and aim to reduce potential stress for our secure patients.

All EMA Secure Transport journeys come with & drinks, fidget toys, and Wi-Fi-enabled tablets. Our latest secure ambulance even boasts a TV with a built-in sound system.  Including sensory lighting, this is truly setting the gold standard for secure transport vehicles.

Why Choose EMA?

Our bespoke private ambulances and secure transport vehicles, paired with our highly trained and experienced team ensures the highest levels of safety and security for the patient. Thus protecting them, us and your organisation from potential risks whilst using our Private Ambulance or Mental Health Transport Services.

As well as being highly trained, our team is also respectful, caring, and compassionate, helping to give peace of mind to the patients’ loved ones that they are in the safest hands possible.

How Do I Use EMA Patient Transport?

If you’re looking for more information on our mental health transport service, contact us today at 0800 634 1478, email us or fill out a form to enquire about availability and pricing.