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Our Vehicles

The success of our patient and private transport service is in no small part due to our fleet of bespoke non emergency ambulances.

A transport service can only be as good as the vehicle the patient is transported in and at EMA patient transport we have the best vehicles available.

Any type of patient transport requires unique accommodation and our ambulances make such accommodations possible. Whether you need to securely transport a recumbent patient, require a wheelchair ramp, or want onboard distractions to keep patients feeling comfortable our ambulance fleet can meet your needs.

Hand built and fully customised for our patients.

We got our hands dirty to build our bespoke fleet of ambulances and saloon cars, all of which maximise the mobility, security and safety of all patients and staff. The unique requirements of our patients’ demand for unique solutions. Our team has ensured our fleet delivers these bespoke solutions.

What medical equipment is on board?

All our vehicles carry oxygen, a defibrillator, first aid kits, observation kits and more. The equipment is also regularly maintained. The health and safety of our patients is the number one priority and we have prepared for many possible scenarios. Our team is filled with professionally trained members who are qualified to use our ambulances’ equipment if needed.

We value our patient transport experience.

That is why our larger ambulances now offer enough room for a stretcher, while also having ramps to support patients with poor mobility. We strive to provide easy access and a comfortable journey for all patients – no matter their mobility and the accommodations which need to be made. Our accessibility accommodations help make EMA’s non-emergency ambulances perfect for any patient transport. 


What can patients expect?

Our patients’ wellbeing is our top priority and making sure they are comfortable has been a vital part of our service. To reduce any stress the patient may be experiencing, all EMA Patient Transport journeys include distraction materials. These include playing cards, magazines, colouring books, snacks & drinks, fidget toys and even Wi-Fi-enabled tablets equipped with headphones for listening to music, watching films, or surfing the Internet.

Wait — that’s not all!

Our latest ambulance even includes a TV with a built-in sound system and sensory lighting. It truly is the Rolls Royce of transport vehicles! We are continually improving our vehicles and our growing fleet of ambulances is constantly evolving.


The team of experienced  transport professionals that make up EMA Patient Transport are crucial in the development of our ambulance fleet. The EMA team are well versed in the needs of all kinds of patients and the requirements to provide them with safe, secure and comfortable transportation. We draw on this huge wealth of knowledge with every bespoke ambulance we fit-out to ensure that each vehicle is perfect for the job.