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Private Patient Transport In Kent

If you’re looking for a private patient transport service in Kent, we can help! At EMA Patient Transport, we are an experienced team operating high-quality, bespoke private ambulances to meet your exact needs and requirements.

Private Patient Transport Services In Kent

Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) In Kent

Our private patient transport services in Kent include non-emergency patient transport, otherwise known as NEPT. This is of great use for various situations but is necessary for patients unable to make their way to medical and hospital appointments in a manner that suits their needs. Find out more about our non-emergency patient transport services available for pick-up in Kent and journeys nationwide.

Mental Health Transport In Kent

At EMA, we can help you with mental health transport in Kent for the secure transportation of patients of any level of mobility. We can provide our services in Kent between a variety of locations, including hospitals, custody suites, and prisons. Our highly qualified team also has the training and experience to assist in the transportation of resisting individuals detained under the mental health act. For more information on our mental health transport in Kent, find out more about how we can assist you.

Bariatric Ambulance Transport In Kent

With no reduction in care and attention as our standard ambulance service, our bariatric ambulance transport in Kent ensures bariatric patients’ safe and comfortable journey. Our team is experienced and trained in the highest-quality bariatric care, and we have a fleet of vehicles designed and equipped to meet these unique needs. Whether in an emergency or non-urgent matter, find out more about the bariatric transport options available to you.

Private Ambulance In Kent

Even if you are eligible for free transport provided by your local council, in times of stress and pain, some patients may feel more comfortable and secure in a private ambulance. We offer a private ambulance service in Kent to provide top-quality, safe, and secure transportation to and from all manners of medical appointments. Whatever your needs, we have the team and vehicles to get you safely transported in and around Kent. Learn more about our private ambulance service today for more information.

Court of Protection Transport In Kent

For individuals under the Court of Protection, we offer safe and secure Court of Protection transport in Kent. Regardless of the state of emergency, we understand the importance of private, professionally accompanied transport services. Our CoP transport can assist social workers in the safe removal of patients from their homes in a manner in which they feel respected and comfortable. Look for more information on our Court of Protection transport service available in Kent for additional guidance.

Book Your Private Patient Transport in Kent

If you’re unsure if we can help you with private patient transport in Kent, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for further advice. We are ready and proud to assist all manners of patients with private transport designed to meet their unique needs and can offer a truly bespoke service.

Are you ready to book your private patient transport in Kent? Get in touch to book your transport requirements and discuss your needs with the team. You can also get help and advice with any additional questions, and we would be happy to answer and put your concerns to rest.

For other transport outside Kent, find a full list of the areas we serve.


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