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EMA Patient Transport offer two patient transport services to cover a range of scenarios. Our secure patient transport service uses specially equipped mental health ambulances to transport mental health patients securely and comfortably. Our non-emergency patient transport service is a safe and effective transport solution for patients who, for medical reasons, are unable to attend an appointment.

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Secure Transport Service Devon

We are the leading team for secure mental health transport in Devon. Transporting mental health patients poses its unique problems which require professional, experienced teams to manage. At EMA we have such a team. Our trained mental health transport crew and support workers provide a secure transport service across Devon. Combining our experience and professional training with bespoke ambulances tailored to the broad range of needs of our patients, EMA can safely and securely transport mental health patients, all whilst keeping their comfort a top priority.

Mental Health Transport Devon

We work across Devon offering mental health transport for a variety of situations. Some of the common locations we transport patients between include hospitals, custody suites, prisons and their homes. We can deliver first-class mental health transport for a range of scenarios. From accommodating recumbent patients with our bespoke ambulances to assisting mental health professionals in removing patients detained under the mental health act form their homes, EMA can deliver comfortable patient transport no matter the situation.

Regardless of the situation, the patient’s comfort and safety is our top priority. Our bespoke mental health ambulances are equipped with a range of medical equipment including oxygen tanks, defibrillators and first aid kits. We are prepared for any situation. To further improve the comfort of the patient we offer music and TV, plus our latest ambulances also including sensory lighting.

Our Devon Secure Transport Team

Our Devon mental health transport team is made up of trained mental health transport crew with whose mental health experience comes from various backgrounds including dementia care, PICU and mother and baby units. This means our team has a wide-reaching skill set and lots of experience to draw from. Furthermore, our nurses also receive continued training in line with CQC. This team of experienced nurses alongside equally qualified and experienced support workers enables us to deliver safe, secure, and efficient patient transport across Devon.

Mental Health Ambulance Devon

A huge part of our success and ability to securely transport patients is our fleet of bespoke mental health ambulances. Our ambulances are hand-built and fully customised to accommodate patients of all kinds. Our larger ambulances offer enough room for stretchers so we can even transport recumbent patients. Mobility, safety, and security are all prioritised in every bespoke build we make.

Safety does not stop at the build of our bespoke ambulances, our mental health ambulances in Devon all come fully equipped with medical equipment. On our ambulance fleet, you will find oxygen, first aid kits and defibrillators. We are prepared for any emergency which could arise.

In addition to safety, we also emphasise comfort. A patient’s comfort is extremely important to us and on our ambulances, you will find TVs, sound systems and sensory lighting. Transport can be stressful for a patient which is why we offer many distractions including TV and music as well as the support of our mental health transport crew.

Non-emergency Patient Transport Service in Devon

As well as our secure transport services for mental health patients, we also offer a non-emergency patient transport service in Devon. If, for medical reasons, a patient is unable to make their own travel arrangements via private or public transport to an appointment, we can help.

Our patient transport service leads with safety and comfort at the forefront. EMA Transport caters to everyone, including children. You can rest assured that the patient will be in the safest and most efficient of hands, with the perfect combination of highly qualified and friendly staff as well as safe, welcoming, and high-quality vehicles.

To enquire about our Devon based private transfer and patient transport services and learn more about the needs our bespoke mental health and private transfer ambulances can meet contact us by calling 0800 634 1478.

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