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Slide “Healthcare in a Vehicle” Service For Mental Health Patients. The Specialist

Your Secure Transport Service

Transporting patients with complex needs doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride. With our Mental Health Ambulance service, the EMA Patient Transport team have the expertise to smooth out each and every journey we embark upon.
We work with abroad section of mental health patients and can cater to a varied range of needs. The journeys we offer are equally diverse and include transfers between police custody suites and hospitals and transfer of patients detained under the mental health act 1983.
We are a trusted mental health transport provider and have worked with a range of NHS institutions, councils and more.
We make complex look simple.

What is a Secure Transport Service?

Utilising specially equipped vehicles, our secure transport team can assist with numerous types of journeys by providing a safe environment for travel. This includes travelling to and from hospitals, homes, police custody, prisons and more. Secure transport provides mental health patients with a comfortable journey accompanied by mental health practitioners.
We create safe and efficient journeys planning the best route and delivering the best care to every patient.

“Healthcare in a Vehicle”

Whether you are dealing with a low or high-risk individual, secure transport can be the solution you’re looking for when dealing with mentally ill patients. The secure transport service provided gives patients the highest standards of comfort, safety and quality of care throughout their time with us.
Our customised mental health ambulances and trained mental health professionals come together to deliver the best possible travel experience for mental health patients. Plus our ambulances are equipped with medical equipment so we can handle medical emergencies whether they mental health-related or otherwise.