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Secure Transport Service Avon and Wiltshire

EMA Patient Transport are mental health patient transport specialists in Avon and Wiltshire. Transporting patients requires a high level of skill and experience. If not managed properly the transport of a mental health patient can be stressful for the patient. At EMA our trained mental health nurses and support workers combined with our bespoke mental health ambulances mean we can carry out efficient and effective patients transport with minimal disruption and maximum satisfaction.
Mental Health Transport Avon and Wiltshire

Our team have experience with mental health transport in Avon and Wiltshire for a variety of reasons. Our secure transport services transferring patients between hospitals, prisons and custody suites. We also help mental health professionals with transports from homes including carefully removing resisting patients who are detained under the mental health act.


Our mental health transport services prioritise efficiency and safety. We focus on keeping the patient comfortable and can accommodate all patients. We provide ramps for patient with limited mobility and can use stretchers to safely transfer recumbent patients. We also offer distractions for patients being transferred such as movies and music to make the journey as stress-free as possible for them. Our patient-first approach carried out by our caring team of professionals and aided by our bespoke ambulance designs has been and continues to be key to our high customer satisfaction.


Dedicated Team Of Nursing Clinicians

Transporting a mental health patient requires expert knowledge and experience. At EMA all of our staff are well versed in mental health. The EMA team consists of experienced mental health nurses and support workers. Collectively our team have each developed their health care skills across a broad spectrum of settings ranging from dementia care to pediatric intensive care units. Our team also have experience in mental health transport in Avon and Wiltshire. In addition to their varied mental health experiences all of our nurses receive regular training.  Not only are our staff medically qualified mental health practitioners but they are also great people who embody the highest levels of conscientiousness, care and understanding.


Mental Health Ambulance Avon and Wiltshire

The success of EMA’s secure transport service in Avon and Wiltshire is largely due to our superior bespoke mental health ambulances. Our contemporary mental health ambulances are hand-built and customised to cater to patients’ needs. Our fleet of bespoke ambulances and cars are optimised for maximum safety and security and fully equipped with medical equipment including defibrillators, oxygen and first aid kits. We accommodate patients with poor mobility with ramps and have vehicles with space for stretchers.


We pride ourselves on creating comfortable journeys and making sure patients are at ease. To help with this some of our latest ambulances even include a TV, sound systems and sensory lighting.


If you need secure transport service Avon and Wiltshire our expert team and fleet of bespoke mental health ambulances can help. To speak to us and discuss your specific transport needs call us on 0800 634 1478.