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Secure Transport Service Bristol

The secure transport of a mental health patient can be very stressful for the patient if not managed professionally. At EMA Patient Transport our dedicated team of mental health nurses provide mental health transport across Bristol. Drawing on years of experience and mental health training, our team, alongside bespoke mental health ambulance, deliver efficient, safe, and secure patient transport.
Mental Health Transport Bristol

EMA provides mental health transport across Bristol. We can transport any patient, accommodating all levels of mobility. We provide transport between a variety of locations including hospitals, custody suites and prisons. We also work with patients who are resisting. Our expert team can assist mental health professionals to transport a resisting patient who is being detained under the mental health act.


For all the scenarios above and many others, our team prioritise the patient. The patient’s health, safety and comfort come first. We provide distractions such as TV and music to help keep patients comfortable. Our nurses are also trained in mental health and work to support patients. In the case of medical emergencies, our ambulances are equipped with oxygen, defibrillators and first aid kits.


Our Bristol Secure Transport Team

the safety of any patient is down to the staff taking care of them. With EMA we have the best team meaning you can trust our patients will always be safe. Our Bristol mental health transport team is made up of trained mental health nurses. Our nurses are well versed in working with mental health patients and have experience in PICU, mother and baby units, and dementia care. Their experience and dedication to helping people make them the best mental health transport team in Bristol (or anywhere). EMA nurses are supported by a fantastic network of support workers who allow us to provide efficient and effective patient transport.


Mental Health Ambulance Bristol

The backbone of our Bristol mental health transport service is our fleet of bespoke mental health ambulances. Each mental health ambulance is customised to accommodate many patients. No matter the patient’s mobility our ambulances have been tailored to accommodate them including larger ambulances with room for stretchers and ramps for wheelchair access.


We understand that patient transport can be difficult for the patient. To help relieve the stress we provide tv and music. Plus, some of our later mental health ambulances also offer sensory lighting. We also understand that when working with hospital patients we need to be prepared for any medical emergencies. Our ambulances are complete with medical equipment including defibrillators and first aid kits and our trained staff are on hand to use them if needed.


Whatever your mental health transport needs our professional team can help. EMA’s experience and training combined with our fleet of bespoke mental health ambulances mean we can carry out any mental health transport in Bristol. To discuss your needs and learn more about how we can help call us on 0800 634 1478.