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Secure Transport Service Reading

Offering a secure transport service in Reading, our team of mental health nurses and support workers continue to offer safe patient transport. Transferring patients can be difficult and stressful for the patient if not managed correctly. Our expert team of qualified mental health nurses and fleet of bespoke mental health ambulances have the experience, skills, and equipment to manage mental health transport across Reading.
Mental Health Transport Reading

At EMA Patient Transport we deliver mental health transport in Reading, safely transporting patients between hospitals, prison, custody suites and home. Transporting a mental health patient requires a specific skill set, experience, and vehicle adaptations. At EMA our combination of experienced mental health nurses and bespoke ambulances enables us to provide a secure transport service across Reading.


We provide secure transport solutions for a range of situations. Where patients are resisting, we can safely remove them from hospitals or assist mental help professionals in removing patients who have been detained under the mental health act from their homes. We accommodate a wide range of mobility limitations and can even transport recumbent patients.


We prioritise the patient’s comfort with every journey. To maximise comfort we provide distractions such as music, TV and colouring. In addition, our experienced nurses are well versed in working with mental health patients.


Our Reading Secure Transport Team

EMA Patient Transport’s reading mental health transport team is made up of mental health nurses and highly qualified support workers, so you can trust you are in safe hands with every journey. Our mental health nurses have a broad range of experience to draw from having worked across many areas of the field including dementia care, mother and baby units, CAMHS, and Medium Secure. Combined with their extensive mental health experience outside of mental health ambulance transport, our team are seasoned in mental health transport in Reading. Our team also receive continual training so you can trust they are up to date with the latest methods and information for working with mental health patients. With countless of satisfied EMA transport patients to their name, our dedicated team alongside our bespoke mental health ambulances can meet your secure transport needs.


Mental Health Ambulance Reading

Our fleet of mental health ambulances is a fundamental part of our mental health transport service across Reading. Custom built, these bespoke ambulance and care are outfitted with all the medical essential to ensure we can handle any emergency which might occur. Furthermore, we have outfitted out latest ambulances with TVs and sound systems as well as sensory to help keep patients comfortable. We also make accommodations for various mobility issues and even have room for stretchers on our ambulances. Our fleet of mental health ambulances has everything we need, allowing us to carry out all manner of patient transfers.


If you require the safe and secure transport of a mental health patient in Reading our experienced team and bespoke ambulances are on hand to help. To speak to us about your needs and see how we can help you call us on 0800 634 1478.