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EMA Patient Transport Provides Private Patient Transport Services

Multiple images showing EMA Patient Transport Services

What Transport Services do EMA Offer? Over the past year we are delighted to have expanded our service offering, to offer a range of patient transport options to support individuals with varying needs.  We have invested heavily in expanding our fleet of vehicles, staff training and our equipment, enabling us to convey individuals that have […]

Do Private Ambulances Give Patients More Control Over Their Care?

EMA private Ambulance Service, ambulance

Why Would You Use A Private Ambulance? The benefits of using private medical transportation instead of NHS ambulances are not always well known. By using a private ambulance service, you ensure that your needs are responded to quickly and efficiently. These services get patients the urgent medical care they need as soon as possible. They […]

Private Patient Transport Services In Guildford, London and Surrey – EMA Patient Transport

Private Ambulance In your area with EMA Patient transport

EMA Patient Transport provides excellent private ambulance and private patient transport services in Guildford, London, and surrounding areas. Discover our top-quality, caring, and reliable services for all your private patient transport needs. Private Patient Transport Services In Guildford, London & Surrey EMA Patient Transport is delighted to announce the opening of our new office in […]

Private Ambulance Services | EMA Patient Transport

Private Ambulances for care home transport with EMA Patient Transport

Private Ambulance Services: Providing Reliable Transport for Patients If you or a loved one needs specialized medical transport, private ambulance services may be the solution you’re looking for. EMA Patient Transport offers reliable and efficient private ambulance services for patients in need. Why Choose EMA Patient Transport? When it comes to private ambulance services, there […]

How To Use Wheelchair Restraints Correctly

Patients getting wheelchaired into EMA private ambulances by EMA ambulance crew

Restraining Wheelchairs Whilst Travelling Travel isn’t very secure for wheelchair users without the proper safety equipment. That is why knowing how to properly restrain a wheelchair can help ensure a patient’s safety while traveling by ambulance. Using correct restraints and seatbelts will help keep patients safe and comfortable throughout their journey without the need to […]

Our Inclusive Medical Transport Services

EMA's inclusive medical transport services

What are Inclusive Medical Transport Services? Inclusivity is the most critical part of patient transport and Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services. Our Inclusive medical transport services are designed to keep patients calm and safe, no matter their situation. While most people can travel to treatment or appointments independently or with the support of friends and family, […]

How Can EMA Patient Transport Efficiently Work With Emergency Services?

What Is A Private Ambulance Service? A private ambulance service is available for anyone looking for transportation between appointments or a hospital where NHS transport may not be available. It can also be used as a secure transport for mental health patients. Transporting patients with complex needs require extra support, time and care. The ever-increasing […]

How do I arrange non-emergency patient transport with EMA?

EMA patient transport partner contracts private ambulance outside hospital

How to arrange non emergency patient transport This blog discusses the ease of  process when booking non emergency patient transport with EMA Patient Transport. If you require a safe and professional Non-emergency Patient Transport Service, look no further than EMA We are proud to offer non-emergency patient transport for individuals attending hospital appointments or being […]

The Increasing Demand For Quality Private Patient Transport Services

Non emergency patient transport services ambulance outside hospital

  Non Emergency Patient Transport Needs Are Increasing In the winter season the healthcare sector is under immense pressure due to increasing demands for services and this also applies to patient transport.  As a provider who works alongside a variety of healthcare organisations, care homes and other facilities, EMA have seen first-hand how much the […]

How EMA helps common transport challenges faced by patients

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Common transport challenges faced by patients Travelling to and from medical appointments can be a stressful enough experience for patients, let alone when they are having to deal with challenges such as delays and unnecessarily long journeys.  After reading the ‘Improving non-emergency patient transport services’ report published by NHS England, we were startled to read […]