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Looking For a Patient Transport Job? Join the EMA Team in 2024

EMA Ambulance crew loading a patient onto a Private Ambulance

Patient Transport Jobs Are you seeking a fulfilling career in the patient transport jobs healthcare sector? Do you have a passion for providing high-quality care and a drive to make a difference in people’s lives? If so, EMA Patient Transport invites you to join our Ambulance Crew based in the picturesque location of Poole, Dorset, […]

Partnering With EMA As Your Patient Transport Provider

EMA private Ambulance Service, ambulance

  What Is Private Patient Transport Service? Our experience, caring and compassionate team, and fleet of customised vehicles make us a great organisation to partner with as your chosen private patient transport provider.  Patient transport plays a critical role in the type of experience a patient receives and this is why it is important you […]

Do Private Ambulances Give Patients More Control Over Their Care?

EMA private Ambulance Service, ambulance

Why Would You Use A Private Ambulance? The benefits of using private medical transportation instead of NHS ambulances are not always well known. By using a private ambulance service, you ensure that your needs are responded to quickly and efficiently. These services get patients the urgent medical care they need as soon as possible. They […]

What is a Private Ambulance? A Guide To Private Ambulances

Private Ambulance service with EMA Patient Transport

Introduction In the world of healthcare, various types of medical transportation services play a crucial role in ensuring the timely and safe transfer of patients. One such service is a private ambulance, which offers a range of benefits to patients and healthcare providers alike. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of private […]

Celebrating Care Home Open Week 2023 -EMA Patient Transport

care home open week 2023

Connecting Care Homes with Their Communities Every year, Care Home Open Week serves as an important reminder of the vital role care homes play in society. This event, which is running from 26th June to 2nd July, is a celebration of the exceptional care provided by dedicated professionals in care homes across the country. This […]

Private Ambulance Service Near You – EMA Patient Transport

EMA private Ambulance Service, ambulance

Private Ambulance UK At EMA Patient Transport, we understand the importance of reliable, comfortable, and safe, patient transportation for individuals who need assistance getting to and from their medical appointments. We also cater for anywhere else patients may need or want to go to. Our team of trained, conscientious, and experienced professionals are dedicated to […]

Private Patient Transport Services In Guildford, London and Surrey – EMA Patient Transport

Private Ambulance In your area with EMA Patient transport

EMA Patient Transport provides excellent private ambulance and private patient transport services in Guildford, London, and surrounding areas. Discover our top-quality, caring, and reliable services for all your private patient transport needs. Private Patient Transport Services In Guildford, London & Surrey EMA Patient Transport is delighted to announce the opening of our new office in […]

The Importance of EMA Patient Transport Customer Reviews

Wheelchair ramp access to EMA private Ambulance

Celebrating 5-Star Reviews at EMA Patient Transport We’re incredibly proud of the 5-star EMA Patient Transport customer reviews we’ve received from our amazing customers on both EMA’s Google reviews and EMA’s Trustpilot reviews. Your commendations for our reliable, timely service and our compassionate staff truly reflect our passion for serving our community. Why Customer Reviews […]

Feel The Benefit Of EMA’s Private Ambulance Service

A patient feeling the benefits of EMA's private ambulance service

The Benefits of Our Private Ambulance Service NHS Patient Transport Service vs Private Patient Transport Service While the NHS provides essential non emergency ambulance services, they are not always available, long waiting times or you may not qualify for transport. The benefits of EMA’s Private Ambulance Service offers a premium alternative for those seeking additional […]

Private Ambulance Services | EMA Patient Transport

Private Ambulances for care home transport with EMA Patient Transport

Private Ambulance Services: Providing Reliable Transport for Patients If you or a loved one needs specialized medical transport, private ambulance services may be the solution you’re looking for. EMA Patient Transport offers reliable and efficient private ambulance services for patients in need. Why Choose EMA Patient Transport? When it comes to private ambulance services, there […]