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The Importance of Bariatric Ambulance Transport
A patient loaded onto back of an EMA Private ambulance

The Need For Bariatric Ambulance Transport

In today’s healthcare landscape, the need for specialised medical transport services is more critical than ever. One such service that has gained significant attention is Bariatric Ambulance Transport. Catering to patients with obesity and as a consequence, mobility problems, these services are designed to ensure safe, comfortable, and dignified transport for individuals who may face challenges with standard ambulance services.

What is Bariatric Transport?

Bariatric Transport is a branch of non-emergency medical transportation that caters to the medical transportation or evacuation of obese or overweight patients. Bariatric is defined as a patient who is over 25 stone. This can also be defined in a wider scope as in any person with a heavy body size/shape which will significantly impact on the management of an event involving Service Providers.

Bariatric transportation involves the short or long-distance transportation of overweight patients – commonly in non-emergency situations. For transporting bariatric patients we use a Bariatric Ambulance and incorporate specialist equipment. This involves a highly trained ambulance crew, and meticulous planning beforehand to ensure the safety, dignity, convenience, and health of the patient before during and after transit.

EMA Private ambulance crew outside a bariatric patients residence, planning the bariatric ambulance transportation

EMA Patient Transport: A Leader in Bariatric Transport Services

EMA Patient Transport is a leading provider of Bariatric transport services, offering a specialist, professional, safe, and comfortable bariatric transportation service. Our fleet of Bariatric ambulances are equipped with specialist bariatric equipment and they include oxygen, first aid kits, and observation kits, ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care during our journey.

Specialist Bariatric Equipment

EMA patient transport crew, using a bariatric stretcher to safely transfer a patient onto a Bariatric ambulance

One of the standout features of EMA’s service is our expertly designed specialist Bariatric equipment. EMA’s ambulances are equipped with a Ferno Megasus stretcher capable of holding a weight limit of up to 62 stone, and a bariatric wheelchair with a weight limit of up to 31.5 stone. We also have a Bariatric Evacmat, a specialist evacuation mat to aid the emergency movement of plus size/Bariatric individuals with mobility impairments and up to 55 stone weight limit. Used in tandem with this equipment is a bariatric hoist. This ensures that patients are removed from the bed and transported in a manner that is comfortable, safe, and dignified.

The EMA Difference: A Team That Cares

At EMA, our team understands the importance of treating every patient with the care, dignity, and respect they deserve. Each journey is fully tailored to the patient, ensuring a comfortable and customizable experience. The EMA team is fully trained to the highest standards, providing a service that is suitable for all age groups. Watch how we use of hoist equipment in this short video.

A grid of images showing a bariatric transport patient being moved using a hoist and scoop equipment by EMA crew members

When is Bariatric Ambulance Transport Appropriate?

  • Bariatric Ambulance transport is ideal for long-distance transportation of plus size patients.
  • When an overweight person needs to be moved a considerable distance, a specially refitted bariatric ambulance, specialist equipment and trained staff are essential.
  • Bariatric Ambulance transport services can assist with regular transportation of patients to and from the hospital or a medical facility.
  • A patient being moved from upstairs to downstairs or from one room to another, whether in a private or care residence.
  • These services are also beneficial for patients needing to move to a different place of residence.
  • Regular transportation enables patients to keep up with their doctor’s appointments and routine check-ups.
  • In Bed to Bed transportation, the patient is lifted directly from their bedside onto a stretcher before being moved to the vehicle.
  • Bed to Bed transportation minimizes inconvenience and discomfort for the patient during the moving process.

The Future of Bariatric Transport

As the need for specialised medical transport services continues to grow, specialist bariatric companies like EMA Patient Transport are leading the way in providing safe, comfortable, and dignified bariatric transport solutions for bariatric patients. With our commitment to patient care and our investment in specialist bariatric equipment, we are setting the standard for Bariatric ambulance services, in the areas we serve.

How Do I Book A Bariatric Ambulance?

Our service can be booked by healthcare professionals, as well as the friends or family of the patient.  EMA can do the bariatric jobs that other companies struggle with or just can not do, so give us a call.

If you, a loved one or a patient are looking for advice on or requires Bariatric Ambulance Transport services, don’t hesitate to reach out to EMA Patient Transport at 0800 634 1478, fill a form out or email us to enquire about what it will entail, availability and pricing.

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