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How do I arrange non-emergency patient transport with EMA?
EMA patient transport partner contracts private ambulance outside hospital

How to arrange non emergency patient transport

This blog discusses the ease of  process when booking non emergency patient transport with EMA Patient Transport.

If you require a safe and professional Non-emergency Patient Transport Service, look no further than EMA

We are proud to offer non-emergency patient transport for individuals attending hospital appointments or being transferred from independent living into a care home or hospice. 

We can also help those requiring transport to a healthcare facility or specialist clinic. 

Our main priority with this service is to provide safe and professional patient transport for individuals who for medical reasons, cannot travel through other means of transport. 

If you are looking for an experienced patient transport provider to support either yourself, a family member, or a patient in getting to an appointment, you can book a journey with our NEPTS team today. 

So, how do you book? 

Making a booking with us could not be easier. 

The best way to book our NEPTS is through calling our friendly team on 0800 634 1478. 

We will discuss your requirements and begin arranging transport to convey the patient in a suitable vehicle, surrounded by everything they may need. 

Following this call, we will look to maintain quality communication with you, so from your initial booking to the moment you, your patient or family member is picked up and arrives at their final destination, you will be updated and informed every step of the way.

One major benefit of our private patient transport services is that there are no unnecessary or annoying waiting times. 

Put simply, you book a date and time, and our team will be there to transport yourself or the individual to their appointment, so you or they arrive in plenty of time. 

We are a Dorset based organisation and provide a range of patient transport services to individuals and organisations across the Southwest of England, however we are also proud to operate across the entirety of the UK.  

So no matter where you are located, we are able to travel to areas much further afield to wherever patients require support.

Alternatively email us or fill out an enquiry form and we will be in touch.

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