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The importance of investing in quality patient transport services
When it comes to patient transport, it is often that the quality of the service you receive will be in line with the spend; in other words, you get what you pay for. 

To ensure the patient will receive the best experience and will be supported by an experienced team, you need to stop seeing patient transport as a ‘cost’ and more of an investment; you are investing in the care, comfort, and safety of your patients. 

Why use EMA Patient Transport?

Partnering with a trusted provider

The best way to start treating patient transport more as an investment and ensuring you are getting a quality service is through partnering with one trusted and experienced provider, who can meet all of your needs. 

You want to ensure that the provider has a proven track record of supporting patients with a variety of needs, delivering a great service and a positive experience for all patients. 

A fleet of vehicles to meet all needs

You should also consider the type of vehicles the provider has to offer and whether they have options that will be able to support all of your patients, no matter their health or mobility needs. 

We are proud to have a fleet of vehicles which have been custom built to perfectly meet the needs of the patients we support, and we have and continue to heavily invest in our vehicles. 

After all, a transport service can only be as good as the vehicle the patient is transported in, and at EMA patient transport we have the best vehicles available.

A great customer experience

It is also important when choosing a provider to partner with that they also offer a great experience for yourself, as the organisation or carer arranging the transport for the patient. 

In other words, consider how easy the booking experience is and the level of communication they provide. 

Maintaining quality communication is something that sits at the core of all of our patient transport services and we pride ourselves on the relationships we develop with the organisations we work alongside, keeping them updated and informed from the initial booking right through to the delivery of the patient. 

The process of booking our transport services also couldn’t be easier, and our friendly team is always at the end of the phone to discuss your needs and advise on and arrange the best transport option for your patient. 

Taking all of these factors into consideration will help to ensure that both you are investing in a quality service, giving you complete peace of mind that your patients will be in the best hands possible, transported in a safe and comfortable environment for travel. 

For more information on our private patient transport services contact us today.

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