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Why You Should Think About Working With A Patient Transport Partner
Private Ambulances for care home transport with EMA Patient Transport

The Benefits Of Partnering With A Private Patient Transport Provider

If you are an organisation that deals with bed bound, immobile or mental health patients and individuals requiring healthcare support, have you considered how partnering with an experienced private patient transport provider could support you and your patients?

With the recent pandemic having already had a huge knock on impact on the healthcare sector, it is vital these organisations have access to the support they need to continue providing an excellent service to patients with varying needs.

Working alongside experienced and trusted providers is a key part in helping them to achieve this.

As a trusted private patient transport provider, we are able to partner with your organisation to ensure the highest levels of safety and support for your mental health patients.

We can also support individuals who, for medical reasons, cannot travel by public transport or any other means to their hospital, doctors, or clinical appointment.

Private ambulance services with EMA Patient Transport

The Value Of Our Safe & Secure Service

Our secure transport services will provide your organisation with complete peace of mind that your patients will be protected.

With our extensive experience working within the healthcare sector, you have the knowledge that you will be working with a professional company you can trust.

We pride ourselves on the experience and training our team has, as well as our fleet of bespoke secure ambulances and vehicles, which combined enables us to support organisations who have patients with varying needs. 

Our team is caring and compassionate, with a focus of ensuring the patient is safe whilst also feeling comfortable and respected at all times, giving peace of mind to their loved ones that they are in safe hands.

Through our professional service, the patient is provided with the highest level of protection throughout their entire journey with us, mitigating risks and also helping to ensure your organisation is protected.

Coping With Increased Demand

Unfortunately it is clear that there is already an increased demand for mental health support services as a result of the pandemic, and this demand is only set to increase moving forward.

It is vital your organisation is best prepared as possible and this should involve consideration around how you currently commission mental health transport.

Court of Protection transport with EMA Patient Transport

Take the time to evaluate how working with a transport partner such as ourselves can help you and your patients and how you can benefit from our services.

If you would like to discuss this further, contact our team who are happy to help.

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