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5 tips to save money on your Secure Transport costs with EMA

Choosing a secure transport provider to meet yours and your patients’ needs can be a stressful and confusing process. 

This stress will be added to when you have a budget in place, as you want to ensure your patients are receiving the best possible experience without compromising, but whilst also getting value for money. 


Here are some simple tips to help you manage your Secure Transport costs. 



1. Book and plan ahead more efficiently 

Ad hoc journeys can quickly result in additional costs that could be easily avoided with planning ahead and booking a few days in advance.

Through booking secure transport in shifts, this is much more cost effective as your provider can carry out multiple journeys within the local area and you will only pay the shift rate.

Journeys outside of the area will incur additional charges, so working with a provider local to you and keeping journeys as local as possible is ideal to help control costs.

2. Save waiting time by being organised 

Being organised and ensuring all your paperwork for conveying is in order before the provider visits you is key.

Anything you can do to save time will help to reduce additional waiting time charges. 

This level of organisation will also result in a smoother and slicker journey for the patient, making the journey as quick as possible with limited to no waiting around. 

For example, your section papers must be originals (no photocopies) and you should have your AMHP application and all other important documentation ready.

Our team will scrutinise all of your paperwork to ensure it is in order before embarking on the journey, to guarantee we are not turned away by the receiving hospital or treatment centre, helping to prevent any issues.

3. Having confidence in your provider

Through conducting due diligence checks on the provider before working with them, you will go into the working relationship with complete confidence in their abilities and knowledge. 

It will enable you to select a provider you know will be able to meet your needs, meaning you are less likely to come across an issue and less likely to need to chop and change providers, which often results in additional and unnecessary costs. 

4. Reduce distance where possible

Another way to reduce your secure transport costs is through trying to reduce the distance the provider needs to travel. 

The first step in achieving this is through sourcing a local transport provider to you and your patients. Through partnering with a local provider who can meet all of your needs, you can easily reduce distance and costs. 

Of course reducing distance is not always achievable, but doing this where you can will help you to manage your costs. 

5. Build a strong relationship with your provider

Working alongside one provider time and time again will enable you to build a relationship. 

You know what to expect and what you will pay for their secure transport service, with no unexpected costs. 

Through building a strong relationship, your provider will also gain a better understanding of how you work and your needs. 

When it comes to a discussion around costs and limitations, the provider will know what you require to meet your needs and can advise on the best approach and/or offer solutions to help you stay within your budget.

If you require our patient transport service , our team can listen to your needs and advise on the right service for the patient, conveying them in the safest and most comfortable manner possible.  Call on 0800 634 1478email us or fill out an enquiry form for more information or to book our services.

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