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What can you expect from our secure transport services?

We understand that when choosing a transport provider to work alongside to support your patients, it is a critical decision and can be daunting, particularly if you are unsure of what to expect.

In this blog, we wanted to highlight what the entire experience is like when we transport a patient, from start to finish, to help give you clarity on the level of service and expertise you can expect when working with EMA Patient Transport.

Arranging the Transport

Our team will discuss with you what your need is for secure transport, as well as the specific requirements of your patient(s), such as their level of mobility and health conditions.

This enables us to determine exactly which vehicle will be best suited to their needs and assign a team of staff that are trained and experienced in supporting patients with similar requirements.

We will then arrange with you dates, times and locations for the pickup and drop-off of the patient and begin preparations of the vehicle, ensuring our team has everything on board needed to meet the patients’ needs.

Collection of the Patient

When collecting the patient for transport, they will be handed over by your team and we will go over any updates with you about the patient, such as their current presentation and anything that may help them to feel calm and relaxed.

We conduct a detailed risk assessment which allows us to identify and understand any risks to the safety of the patient and our team, so we can mitigate these risks.

Our team will introduce themselves to the patient and begin to build a good rapport with them, so they feel at ease from the start. They will also provide an explanation of why they are collecting them and go over a brief plan of action, so the patient knows exactly what to expect.

Our team will safely and securely get the patient on board and as we will have already discussed their needs and mobility with you beforehand, the vehicle will be perfectly suited to make getting on board simple and easy.

The Journey

Our main focus is to ensure the safety and security of the patient at all times, as well as facilitating a calm and stress-free journey for them.

In order to achieve this, comfort features and distraction materials are provided throughout the journey and we are also able to provide snacks and beverages they can enjoy.

For longer journeys, we can provide a toilet onboard the vehicle and are able to allow the patient to use this facility when needed, providing them with dignity and privacy.

Each of our secure and PTS ambulances also have medical equipment on board and the patient will be accompanied by a highly trained team at all times to deal with any situation should it occur.

Our team strive to provide the best possible experience for the patient and work to ensure they feel protected and respected at all times.

Patient Drop-Off

When we arrive at the destination for drop-off, the patient will be handed over to their assigned individual.

We provide a complete door to door service, ensuring the complete safety and security of the patient and giving you peace of mind that your patient will be accompanied at all times.

Building a Relationship

At EMA, we strive to build strong relationships with the organisations we work with.

We are on hand to support you and your patients at all times and can work alongside you as your secure transport partner, meeting all your transportation needs.

Peace of Mind for You and their Family

Our bespoke transport vehicles, paired with our highly trained and experienced team ensures the highest levels of safety and security for the patient, protecting both them and your organisation from potential risks.

As well as being highly trained, our team are also respectful, caring, and compassionate, helping to give peace of mind to the patients’ loved ones that they are in the safest hands possible.