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How we support patients with limited mobility
EMA ambulances with limited ability patients travelling inside

How EMA helps people travel with limited ability

For individuals with limited mobility, we understand that their situation can make using public transport or traditional taxi services difficult, due to them needing extra assistance. 

Utilising the services of a transport provider is an excellent way to ensure that both the patient and their family members have complete peace of mind that they will be transported safely, securely, and comfortably to and from their appointment. 

How can we help? 

We are proud to be able to support patients with a variety of needs and strive to provide easy access and a comfortable journey for all individuals, no matter their mobility.

We have achieved this through building our own fully customised ambulances, which have been designed with accessibility accommodations in mind. 

Within our fleet of vehicles, we have a number of options to support the transport of a wide range of patients, from those in wheelchairs and those who are bed bound, through to those who have limited mobility needs other than a wheelchair. 

Our ambulances offer enough room for a stretcher, while also having ramps to support patients with poor mobility and equipment in place that ensures the patient is secured at all times. 

This makes our non-emergency ambulance perfect for any and all patients. 

The EMA team are also well versed in the needs of all kinds of patients and work to meet their requirements, to provide them with safe, secure, and comfortable transportation. 

So, if you have limited mobility, or you have a family member who has issues with mobility and you require support, our friendly and experienced team is able to work alongside you. 

Whether you need transport for a recumbent individual, require a wheelchair ramp, or want onboard distractions to keep patients feeling comfortable, we have a transport option suitable for you and your unique needs. 

Contact our team to discuss your requirements. 


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