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What you can expect from our Private Ambulance Service
A patient feeling the benefits of EMA's private ambulance service

What to expect from EMA’s Private Ambulance Service

Looking for a private ambulance service to support your relative, but feeling unsure because you don’t know what to expect? 

For those who have not yet taken advantage of our Private Ambulance Service, or you are still unsure about how this service could be beneficial for yourself or a relative, we wanted to share some more information about what you can expect. 

We understand when it comes to arranging transport for a family member to travel to and/or from a medical appointment, it can be daunting especially if you are unsure of what to expect. You want them to be in the safest hands possible.  

Through our Private Ambulance Service, the individual can expect to feel comfortable and at ease during their journey, supported by our experienced and friendly team and surrounded by everything they should need.  

We are delighted to have already supported a number of patients through our newly launched Private Ambulance Service, providing a stress-free and comfortable journey in a state-of-the-art ambulance, which has been entirely tailored to meet their needs. 

Booking the service 

You can contact us via the phone to speak to our friendly team who will discuss the patients’ needs, as well as the location, date, and time you require the private ambulance service for.

This discussion will help us to determine exactly what equipment and team members will be needed on board the ambulance, to provide the patient with the most comfortable and stress-free journey, surrounded by everything they should need. 

The vehicle 

The patient will be transported in a state-of-the-art private ambulance and whether they have mobility issues, are bed bound and/or require wheelchair access, no matter their needs, the vehicle will be suited to make getting on board simple and easy. 


Our team will collect the patient on the date and at the time confirmed during the booking process. 

On arrival, the team will introduce themselves and start to build a rapport with the patient, letting them know exactly what will happen throughout the journey. 

They will also go through any concerns the patient and/or family member may have, providing the information and reassurance they need to feel calm and relaxed. 

We also conduct a risk assessment before embarking on any journey, to ensure safety of the patient and our team. 

The team will then prepare the patient and get them on board the ambulance safely. 

The journey

The main focus of our Private Ambulance Service is to provide patients with a calm and stress-free journey. 

The patient can relax, with our friendly team to keep them company and snacks and beverages provided if needed. 

We have a range of medical equipment on board each ambulance, so our team can deal with any situation and keep the patient safe. 

The team is also extremely respectful, maintaining a patients’ dignity and keeping them comfortable at all times.  

Patient Drop-off 

The team will get the patient to their destination in time for their appointment and the patient will be accompanied at all times, until they need to be handed over to the department conducting their appointment. 

No waiting time 

Our Private Ambulance Service provides the reliability you need. Once you have booked a time, date, and location, we will be there. 

Whether we are taking the patient to an appointment, or collecting them following an appointment, there will be no delays and no unnecessary waiting time.

The team is also on hand to provide the company and support the patient may need following their appointment, helping them to feel comforted and relaxed. 

The team 

It really is our amazing team that makes our business what it is. They are friendly, helpful, compassionate, and caring, ensuring that every patient feels comfortable. 

Every member of our team also has extensive experience and training in supporting a wide variety of patients, and they are also educated and up to date with best practices of quality and care, in compliance with the Care Quality Commission.

So no matter a patient’s needs, our team can support them.

If you would like to book our Private Ambulance Service for yourself or a relative, fill in a form below or ring the team on 0800 634 1478.

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