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How Can EMA Patient Transport Efficiently Work With Emergency Services?

What Is A Private Ambulance Service?

A private ambulance service is available for anyone looking for transportation between appointments or a hospital where NHS transport may not be available. It can also be used as a secure transport for mental health patients. Transporting patients with complex needs require extra support, time and care. The ever-increasing demand for public services can mean not enough attention can be given to these patients; this is where a private ambulance can step in and help.

For a patient’s sake, it’s often necessary that when a private patient transport service is requested, the provider then liaises and works with emergency services to best care for the patient. However, the ever-increasing demand for public services can cause issues. For the most effective care delivery, private patient transport must work together with emergency services.

Private Ambulance Service

A private ambulance service is helpful for the transport of mental health patients. It can be a great way to transport individuals who require transport. It’s favoured by those who are not eligible for the free transport typically provided by the local authorities. Transport to and from appointments can be a significant concern and stress on individuals who require additional assistance, which isn’t available through regular public transport.

An ambulance is often the favourable option for individuals who need such transport. However, the NHS does not have an abundance of ambulances available for transportation purposes as they’re needed on call. This is where a private ambulance service can step in.

Private Ambulances aren’t exact replicas of emergency ambulances but do display a lot of similarities. Health and safety is the number one priority of everyone involved, which is why private ambulances are fully stocked to the needs of the individual. They often carry oxygen, first aid kits and observation kits to help the patient feel more at ease knowing the support is there, should they need it.



Organisations, like ourselves here at EMA, work with the emergency services to procure contracts for their patients. Care Quality Commission (CQC) is a standard that all private ambulance services should be accredited with. It demonstrates to patients that you’re providing a service that meets essential standards of quality and safety.
At EMA, our team of highly trained staff are regularly updated on key processes and procedures regarding the care of non-emergency and mental health patients. We aim to provide the best practice, every time.

Private Ambulance Service and Emergency Services.

Doctors, NHS staff and other emergency service departments can help patients by suggesting a private ambulance as an option for transport for both non-emergency and mental health patients. Emergency services are under immense pressure due to increasing demands. This has led to a search for additional support where possible, including the use of private ambulance services.

A report recently published by NHS England titled ‘Improving non-emergency transport services’ highlighted the increase in support needed to help the services. The report stated that ‘NEPTS deliver 11-12 million patient journeys each year, covering around half a million miles every weekday. Each weekday, over 20,000 people use NHS non-emergency patient transport services.’ With such staggering numbers of people using patient transport services, reinforcements must be introduced.

When the NHS and emergency services work alongside a trusted provider who can deliver quality care, the stress is reduced; Patients can be comforted in the fact that they’re receiving good quality care and are not emergency services are not being overwhelmed.

Private ambulance services support emergency services and are an excellent option for patients. They offer patients a stress-free and comfortable journey entirely tailored to them. They include no waiting time, and a friendly team always accompanies patients to make them feel more comfortable. Do you feel like you or your family member could benefit from this service? EMA has the service for you, whether you require transport between appointments, hospital, from home into a care home, or a secure mental health patient transport service. Get in touch today!


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