The EMA Team: How Do We Train Our Staff?

EMA Staff training on hoist equipment

The Importance Of Staff Training At EMA Patient Transport When partnering with or using a private patient transport provider, it is essential that you are working with a company who have a team of staff that are experienced and have undergone extensive training, to ensure both your organisation and patients are protected. In this blog, […]

EMA Patient Transport Provides Private Patient Transport Services

Multiple images showing EMA Patient Transport Services

What Transport Services do EMA Offer? Over the past year we are delighted to have expanded our service offering, to offer a range of patient transport options to support individuals with varying needs.  We have invested heavily in expanding our fleet of vehicles, staff training and our equipment, enabling us to convey individuals that have […]

What Can You Expect From EMA’s Secure Transport Services?

EMA secure transport service ambulance with its side door open

Choosing A Secure Transport Service Provider We understand that when choosing a secure transport service provider to work alongside to support your patients, it is a critical decision and can be daunting, particularly if you are unsure of what to expect. In this blog, we wanted to highlight what the entire experience is like when […]

The EMA Team: An Interview With Operations Manager, Lisa Ward

EMA Operations Manager, Lisa Ward

EMA Team Interviews – Lisa Ward Following on with our series of meeting the team, we recently spoke to Lisa Ward who has joined EMA in the last couple of months as Operations Manager. As we continue our rapid growth in providing Secure, Private and NEPTS Ambulance Services across Dorset and the South, we welcome […]

How Can EMA Patient Transport Efficiently Work With Emergency Services?

What Is A Private Ambulance Service? A private ambulance service is available for anyone looking for transportation between appointments or a hospital where NHS transport may not be available. It can also be used as a secure transport for mental health patients. Transporting patients with complex needs require extra support, time and care. The ever-increasing […]

Member of Public Resuscitated by Private Ambulance Crew on (Charminster Road)

EMA Ambulance crew members stood next to an ambulance

EMA Patient Transport to the rescue Private Ambulance Crew from EMA Patient Transport resuscitate a member of the public who had collapsed on (Charminster Road )  in Bournemouth on Sunday 16th January.  Thanks to the expert first aid training and access to a defibrillator, the EMA Patient Transport crew administered emergency help on the side of the […]

The Increasing Demand For Quality Private Patient Transport Services

Non emergency patient transport services ambulance outside hospital

  Non Emergency Patient Transport Needs Are Increasing In the winter season the healthcare sector is under immense pressure due to increasing demands for services and this also applies to patient transport.  As a provider who works alongside a variety of healthcare organisations, care homes and other facilities, EMA have seen first-hand how much the […]

Sustainability and The Future Aims For Net Zero Patient Transport

Sustainability for vehicle s

Sustainability and net zero patient transport There has now been a clear path outlined to a net zero NHS patient transport sector, but what will this mean for transport providers such as ourselves?  What will the future look like and how do we get there?  The NHS recently published a report of the non-emergency patient […]

Learn How You Can Support Young People On Youth Mental Health Day

Youth Mental Health

Youth Mental Health On the 7th of September, Youth Mental Health Day is taking place with the aim to encourage discussion and understanding of mental health in young people.  Particularly as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, this day will invite young people across the country to reflect and move forward, with a focus on […]

How Can EMA Patient Transport Support Individuals With Alzheimer’s?

What Is World Alzheimer’s Month? With the month of September being World Alzheimer’s Month, we wanted to highlight the ways in which our transport team can support patients and ensure they feel comfortable and supported.  World Alzheimer’s Month is a global opportunity to raise awareness around, educate, encourage support of and demystify dementia. It helps […]