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Do Private Ambulances Give Patients More Control Over Their Care?
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Why Would You Use A Private Ambulance?

The benefits of using private medical transportation instead of NHS ambulances are not always well known. By using a private ambulance service, you ensure that your needs are responded to quickly and efficiently. These services get patients the urgent medical care they need as soon as possible. They are a more suitable option for those not in an emergency or who require a more secure and quieter journey.  Such as those suffering from mental health or mobility issues.

Private patient transport is available here at EMA. We ensure that all of our passengers are attended to with the utmost care and professionalism. Our ambulances are tailored to each individual and specific to each journey. We prioritise the comfort and safety of all those who travel with us and provide them with the best care until a doctor or nurse can attend them.

1. On-Demand

Ultimately, private ambulance services give patients more control over their medical care. Ambulances are available to book whenever you need one. This can even be set up regularly for those who have to attend many hospital appointments and require medical assistance to get there. Organising your own or someone you know transport gives a sense of control over the experience.

Receiving regular medical treatments can make you feel like you are at the mercy of public healthcare. The NHS operates well over capacity, especially in the past eighteen months. These busy times make it even more challenging to prioritise patient care and ambulance services with an increased number of emergency cases and not enough ambulances.


2. Priority

One of the main reasons private ambulances are preferred over public services is that public ambulances are only prioritised in the case of an emergency. This can leave people in need of urgent care, without an immediate threat to life, feeling like their health is not as important as others. Public ambulances can also feel clinical, and they don’t always fully meet their passengers’ needs. Using a service you know and who know you can make the journey more comfortable.

Such high demands on the NHS have caused them to seek the help of private ambulance services to ease their impossible workload. They are estimated to be spending approximately £80 million on private transport for hospital appointments and even emergency callouts. Privately trained patient transport staff can provide the maximum level of medical attention and care until they can put the patient in the care of hospital staff.


3. Choice

Another benefit of private patient transport is choice over your destination. Public services will often only take you to the nearest hospital, which means added distress for the patient. Being transported to an unfamiliar hospital can make a patient’s entire experience even more stressful. In this case, it is much better to choose when you need your ambulance and where you want to go. You can be transported in maximum comfort to familiar surroundings and the doctors you trust.

private Ambulance services with EMA Patient Transport

For those whose illness has forced them into the care of others, their sense of control over their lives can disappear instantly. If you rely on family members or carers to transport you to your medical appointments, then you also depend on them being available to do so. EMA private patient transport gives control back over your medical care.

How Much Does A Private Ambulance Cost?

All of our private ambulance journeys are different and are tailored to the patients needs and requirements. You can contact us today for more information or to get a quote and arrange your very own on-demand transport. Our staff will fully tend to your needs and ensure that you or your loved one, feel safe, comfortable, and supported in your journey.

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