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Our Inclusive Medical Transport Services
EMA's inclusive medical transport services

What are Inclusive Medical Transport Services?

Inclusivity is the most critical part of patient transport and Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services. Our Inclusive medical transport services are designed to keep patients calm and safe, no matter their situation. While most people can travel to treatment or appointments independently or with the support of friends and family, NEPTS plays a vital role for those whose medical condition or severe mobility constraints means that other forms of transport are not suitable. 

NEPTS deliver between 11 and 12 million patient journeys each year, covering around half a million miles each weekday. Each patient will have a different reason why they require private ambulance transportation, which has to be catered for.


In 2021, the NHS issued a report on Improving non-emergency patient transport services. They found that “out of every 20 journeys, approximately nine are for patients attending outpatient appointments, seven are for renal dialysis, and four are discharges or discharges transfers to other hospitals or care environments. Three-quarters of users are aged over 65.”

The Benefits of Our Inclusive Medical Transport Services


Our private ambulance service is designed to be the most inclusive form of patient transport.  Tailored by past experiences and our knowledge of the complexity of patient needs, our service has been fine tuned. An extensive depth in knowledge is not the only benefit we can offer with a private ambulance service.

No Waiting Time  

At our company, we offer services that are available Monday to Friday 8am-8pm and guarantee that every patient will be at their chosen location on time. Our aim is to make the journey as stress-free as possible, and we understand how delays can add to patient anxiety. With our Private Ambulance Service, we strive to ensure no waiting times for patients.

A Tailored Experience

Each of our journeys is designed with the patient in mind and offer a completely customisable experience, even down to the music we can play. We understand that any treatment can cause stress and anxiety, so we want to help calm any pre-appointment nerves by accommodating your complex needs.

Our Friendly Team

Here at EMA, we give you an experienced and friendly team that is with you every step through this journey. A team that is caring and compassionate, that understands the importance of a friendly face during such a stressful time. Before the trip, we work with you to understand your requirements and will tailor your experience to your needs. We can accommodate whether you’d like a peaceful journey to be alone with your thoughts or chat to calm your nerves.

Patients with Limited Mobility

For some individuals, their mobility is limited. Patients requiring additional support struggle to commute to appointments using public transport or a taxi service. Therefore using a private ambulance service is a great way to ensure both the patient and their family have complete peace of mind that they’re being transported safely and comfortably to and from appointments.

At EMA Patient Transport, we understand that every journey is as unique as the patient in our care. We have adapted our ambulances to support our patient’s various needs to guarantee a safe and secure journey for everyone, no matter their mobility. Each of our ambulances offers enough room for a stretcher and has a ramp facility, perfect for bed-bound patients or those requiring additional equipment in the ambulance.   

Bed-bound patients


With bed-bound patients, mobility and transport can be a huge concern. At EMA, we aim to remove any stress by making our transport service as accommodating as possible. Thanks to our experience in this area, we have adapted our ambulances to include everything they could require.

Three main additional features required for bed-bound patients are a stretcher, hoist or scoop board. Each of our vehicles is designed with a stretcher on board for comfortable travel. Before arranging your journey, we will conduct a risk assessment to highlight and minimise any accidents or injuries. In this stage, we determine if a hoist is necessary and can supply one if it is.


The risk assessment will take place at the patient’s home. This is where we assess where the individual is located and the access points. We will make an informed decision on the number of staff we need present at the time of move also. Typically our journeys require two staff members, but for individuals with more complex needs, we can bring four members of staff. Our patients are in our care, and their safety and comfort is our main priority. That’s why each of our journeys are fully customisable and tailored to the individual.  


Conscious Decision Making

EMA’s non-emergency patient transport service accommodates everyone. The EMA team is well-versed in the needs of all kinds of patients and strives to meet any requirements, no matter the complexity. Whatever mobility problems you’re presented with, our vehicle is equipped to help.

A risk assessment is conducted for your safety and is a great opportunity to express any concerns you have with us to guarantee a smooth, safe and comfortable journey. Nothing in our business, be it ambulances or approach, is one size fits all. Every decision we have made has been with everyone in mind rather than a tick box exercise. For example, rather than making sure we have wheelchair access in our transport vehicles, we make sure that it is suitable for all wheelchairs models and designs, including electric wheelchairs that are typically much bigger than regular wheelchairs.

If you or your family member are bed-bound or require transport to chemotherapy or dialysis treatment, our experienced and compassionate team can work alongside you. Contact our team to discuss your requirements.       

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