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The Importance of EMA Patient Transport Customer Reviews
Wheelchair ramp access to EMA private Ambulance

Celebrating 5-Star Reviews at EMA Patient Transport

We’re incredibly proud of the 5-star EMA Patient Transport customer reviews we’ve received from our amazing customers on both EMA’s Google reviews and EMA’s Trustpilot reviews. Your commendations for our reliable, timely service and our compassionate staff truly reflect our passion for serving our community.

EMA Private Ambulance

Why Customer Reviews Matter to Us

EMA Patient Transport customer reviews are essential for businesses like ours. They help potential customers make informed decisions, showcase our commitment to quality, and foster trust in our services. As noted by the Care Quality Commission, reviews and ratings are an important factor for people seeking medical transport services. We’ve always believed in prioritizing patient safety, care and comfort, and we’re thrilled to see this reflected in your positive feedback of our services.

Our Services: As Told by Our Customers

Our customers’ experiences tell a story of exceptional service when leaving their reviews on our service.

Some of EMA Google reviews are as follows:

Stan Wooldridge appreciated our team’s first-class service and professionalism. Helen Deverill commended our friendly and professional team. John was impressed by our accommodating, smooth, and caring service during a family member’s hospital to care home transfer.


Carol Friend commended our crew’s professional and caring approach during a challenging long-distance transport in blizzard conditions. Lisa Foote praised our punctual and caring service during her mother’s transport, while Kyle Lotay admired our well-trained staff, smart vehicles, and impeccable punctuality.

EMA Trustpilot reviews tell a similar story of outstanding service:

Steph was full of praise and gratitude when she wrote her 5 Star review – EMA transport supported us in getting my Mother in law to our wedding. They were prompt with the pick up and made my anxious Mother in law feel at ease. They were also really relaxed in giving her some extra time to say goodbye to us before taking her back to the hospital.


Friedrike Maeda was overjoyed when he wrote – My experience with EMA (my crew members were Rob and Shane) was excellent!  This was from the moment of bringing me down in a carry-chair from my 2nd floor flat to returning after my visit up to the second floor again. What could have been a daunting prospect, turned out to be a pleasant “outing” to the countryside. I have had many patient transport journeys with other companies, and EMA were by far the best. Thank you guys!

See all of our fantastic reviews here EMA’s Google reviews and EMA’s Trustpilot reviews

So based on the EMA reviews that were left on Google and Trustpilot, here are 10 standout elements that customers appreciated about EMA Patient Transport services according to their reviews:

EMA private Ambulance Service, ambulance
  1. First-Class Service: Customers appreciate the high quality of EMA’s patient transport services.
  2. Professionalism: Reviewers consistently mention the professionalism of the EMA team, which increases trust and satisfaction.
  3. Friendly Staff: The team is not only professional but also friendly, making the transport experience more comfortable for patients.
  4. Timely and Reliable Service: EMA Patient Transport is commended for its punctuality and dependability.
  5. Compassionate Care: Reviewers highlight the compassionate approach of EMA’s staff, who go above and beyond to make each journey comfortable.
  6. Adaptable Service: Customers value EMA’s accommodating approach, especially during challenging situations like long-distance transport or harsh weather conditions.
  7. Well-Trained Staff: The EMA team is praised for being well-trained, which is critical in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of patients.
  8. Quality Vehicles: Reviewers appreciate the smart, clean, and well-maintained vehicles used for transportation.
  9. Exceptional Communication: EMA is thanked for their excellent communication, helping to keep patients and their families informed and at ease throughout the transport process.
  10. Extra Mile Service: Reviews often note that EMA’s service goes the “extra mile,” providing comfort and care beyond expectations during patient transport journeys.

Join Our Community of Satisfied Customers

As the Emergency Medical Journal quotes in a research study done on patient feedback – “Research from psychology and implementation science suggests that feedback can change professional behaviour, improve clinical outcomes and positively influence staff mental health” (Ivers, 2012; Michie and Williams, 2003).

Our Patient feedback is crucial for improving our Private Patient Transport services

If you’ve used our services before, we’d love to hear about your experience! Your feedback helps us to improve and continue providing top-notch patient transport services.

Acknowledging the EMA Patient Transport Team

We’re immensely proud of the dedication and care our team brings to work each day. Each review fills us with immense gratitude and motivates us to strive for even higher standards.

EMA Team working together to transport a private ambulance patient

We invite you to share your own #EMAPatientTransport experience and help us make our service even better! Follow and rate us on social media to keep up to date with all things EMA. You can also leave a Google Review or a Trustpilot review today and let us know how we have done.

If you are a returning customer or are someone who is interested in using our private patient transport services, give us a call on 0800 634 1478, fill out a request a quote form or email us directly for more information.

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