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Member of Public Resuscitated by Private Ambulance Crew on (Charminster Road)
EMA Ambulance crew members stood next to an ambulance

EMA Patient Transport to the rescue

Private Ambulance Crew from EMA Patient Transport resuscitate a member of the public who had collapsed on (Charminster Road )  in Bournemouth on Sunday 16th January. 

Thanks to the expert first aid training and access to a defibrillator, the EMA Patient Transport crew administered emergency help on the side of the road to bring the gentleman back to life.

A member of the public and bus driver waved down Paul (Vacher)  and Sophie (Nightingale), who were on their way to begin a Patient Transport Shift at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital. 

They quickly assessed that the gentleman was motionless and not breathing. Their training immediately kicked in using the defibrillator which was onboard the vehicle whilst calling 999. 

“Sophie and myself were travelling to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital when we were flagged down to a bus stop to attend to a gentleman who has collapsed on the pavement. 

“We initially assessed him and the situation. Our First Aid training came into action immediately with Sophie preparing the defibrillator as we spoke to the emergency services.” commented Paul, EMA Patient Transport Crew Member. 

Thanks to the quick response of the EMA team, the gentleman was resuscitated as the ambulance arrived on scene. 

“We were able to quickly get the defibrillator onto the patient and proceed to shock him once. We continued with chest compressions and rescue breaths using a bag valve mask until Paramedics arrived within ten minutes.

“The Paramedics asked us to continue until the crew were ready to move the man onto the ambulance” commented Sophie, EMA Patient Transport. Crew Member.

Sam Easy, Director of EMA Patient Transport commended his team for “their quick response and calm approach in administering first aid to the patient and saving his life. Our rigorous staff training is something that we pride ourselves on and we never know when it is going to be called upon. It is there to help those in need whether it be one of our patients, a colleague or, in this case, the general public.”

EMA Patient Transport, based in Poole, provide non-emergency ambulance services including private, mental health and neonatal transport services to the NHS, local authorities, care homes and private individuals. 

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