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Do You Need A Private Ambulance?
EMA staff, using specialist equipment to transfer a patient into an EMA private ambulance, for a private patient transport service

Do you need a private ambulance?

At EMA Patient Transport, we provide a high-quality tailor-made service for your individual needs. Deciding on whether a private ambulance is right for you can be a complex one, so in this blog, we will discuss the points you need to consider when making your decision.  

What will it be like?

The nature of our service means we can cater to our individuals Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm, meaning no waiting times. We can guarantee you arrive at your location on time and prepared. We have invested heavily in expanding our fleet of vehicles allowing for a more hygienic journey as there is no need to mix with others. We do, however, allow the accompaniment of family members to enable our individuals to feel at ease. From first booking to drop off, we build a relationship with the individual to ensure their comfort throughout. 

How will it suit me and my needs?  

We want your experience to be a favourable one; hence we customise our journeys to suit your needs and desires. We can build a rapport with the individuals to factor in more conversation time and put you at ease. We also have the option to select your own music to enjoy the full tailor-made experience of a Private Ambulance service.

We strive to deliver a professional service every time, emphasising the importance of care and safety of individuals. As well as designing our transport vehicle to support this, we stock the correct medical equipment on board to deal with any potential issues. We have also incorporated distraction materials to make the journey easier for those who need it. 

Non – Emergency Patient Transport Service    

We are in a position to accommodate all private individuals, including children, with their transportation needs. This means you can be confident that the individual is in the safest and most efficient hands, with the perfect combination of highly qualified and friendly staff and safe, high-quality vehicles.    

Private Market 

We operate in the private market of medical transportation, allowing for a more sophisticated form of transport, essential to our individual’s wellbeing. The considerations we have made to ensure we cater for the private market are regularly considered. Our staff are trained on the sensitive nature of the individuals’ need for a private ambulance and adjust their care accordingly. Particularly in the private market, we understand the value of a personal recommendation which is why we are proud to announce that when asked, 85% of our clients would recommend EMA Patient Transport to someone they know, and 95% of individuals felt happy with the service they received. 

Is it still safe in the current climate? 

Here at EMA, we take the health and safety of our individuals and professional staff very seriously. Therefore we are fully compliant with all Covid-19 guidelines and current HSE public health guidelines; we ensure everyone has access to full PPE whilst operating in and around the individual at all times. As previously mentioned, our extensive fleet of vehicles allows for vehicle cleaning to the highest standard as well as no cross-contamination with other patients throughout your journey with us.   

After reading this blog, we hope you have a little more clarity on whether a Private Ambulance is the right decision for you. If you have any further questions or request a quote on our services.

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