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EMA Patient Transport Launch Private Ambulance Service
EMA Patient Transport Private Ambulance service

EMA Patient Transport Launch New Private Ambulance Service 

We are excited to have recently launched our new Private Ambulance service, which provides individuals with a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable private journey to and from their medical appointments. 

Our plans at EMA Patient Transport have always been to expand our service offering and operate across more areas of the UK, so we can reach and support even more individuals and meet their needs for a trusted transport provider. 

The launch of our new Private Ambulance service is a great next step for us and to mark this development, we sat down with our Director, Sam Easy to learn more about the service and the reasons behind its launch.

Why Did We Decide to Launch This Service? 

After receiving a number of enquiries, we identified a clear need for this type of service and wanted to expand our offering to enable us to continue meeting all of our patients’ needs.

The launch of this service is the right step in the natural progression and growth of EMA Patient Transport and complements our other services, which include Mental Health Transport and NEPTS.

What Makes This Service Different To The Other Services You Offer? 

This service has been created to provide individuals with a convenient and private transport experience, allowing them to have a stress-free and comfortable journey in a state-of-the-art ambulance.

The service is focused on providing a person-centred approach and all bookings are tailored to the individual, so they will be equipped with everything the patient will need and surrounded by an experienced and friendly team to support them.

We can convey patients any distance and the journeys we provide will include waiting time if needed.

Who Is This Service Suitable For? 

Our Private Ambulance Service is suitable for all age groups, from the elderly to young children.

It has been created for those individuals who are not as mobile and/or who require additional support to and from appointments, such as access to oxygen, distraction materials or a wheelchair ramp.

If you or your family member has an outpatient appointment, a planned hospital admission, or another medical appointment you require transport assistance with, you can easily book this service with our team.

EMA private Ambulance Service, ambulance

What Are Your Key Aims For This Service? 

Through launching this service, we want to be recognised as a private ambulance provider that works to support patients across the Southwest.

We want to provide a professional and friendly service to any individuals who require additional support in regard to transport to and from medical appointments.

If you need to use a private ambulance service call on 0800 634 1478, email us or fill out an enquiry form and we will be happy to assist you.

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