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How Our Hospital Private Patient Transport Service Makes You Comfortable
A collection of images showing EMA's private patient transport service ambulance crew with patients, helping into private ambulances

Why is a Private patient Transport service more comfortable? 

Private hospital patient transport makes journeys considerably more comfortable by providing extra care for the people who need it most. Travelling to and from the hospital can be a nerve-wracking experience for some, especially those with mental health issues or fear around clinical situations.

All patients deserve the highest level of care at all times, and some often have additional needs that regular patient transport may not cater to. Transporting patients can at times be challenging; travelling can be highly uncomfortable for people with specific needs. Not only do our vehicles have medical equipment on board, but they also provide extra features, such as sensory lights, to ensure the patient is relaxed and content.

Let’s discuss the ways our private ambulances make our patients more comfortable.

Why Choose EMA’s Private Patient Transport Service?

Patients with complex needs may find transport stressful, especially ambulances, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Our vehicles have specially trained staff, with the experience and training required to make patients feel relaxed and understood.

As well as specially trained staff, our vehicles are made specifically with complex needs in mind. Our trained professionals, paired with our customised private ambulances, make travelling simple.

The Staff

Our vehicles wouldn’t be the fantastic service they are without the skilled staff on board. Our team come from a variety of healthcare backgrounds, ranging from dementia care to mother & baby. We are dedicated to making our patient’s journeys easier. Our staff will always put the patients first.


Our staff have developed their skills and abilities working in a wide variety of medical fields. Because of this, our team has experienced many situations and are prepared for anything that may come their way. You can trust our staff will keep you safe and relaxed at all times.

Care & Compassion

For our team, this is not just a job. They genuinely care about the patient and will do everything they can to ensure happiness and safety. The patient is the priority and will always be made to feel this way. Our staff are there for a chat and hold the patient’s hand every step of the way.


All of our staff receive continued training, all in compliance with the CQC. This means our patients can always feel safe in the knowledge they are in the best hands. Every single one of our team is highly trained in many aspects of healthcare.

The Vehicles

As mentioned above, our private ambulances contain medical equipment which our team are trained to use if needed. Alongside this, our vehicles are custom made to meet patients’ needs. These features include wheelchair ramps and bariatric stretchers. Our vehicles are also made for single person use, meaning patients who prefer a quiet ride don’t need to share with others.

Alongside these fantastic features, our ambulances offer a range of distraction techniques to take patients’ minds off the situation and make the journey as comfortable as people. Here are a few of the distractions on board.

Distraction Techniques

Playing Cards

Great for keeping our patients focused and occupied, also helping to create a rapport between the staff and patient. Helping build relationships, a vital part of trust.

Colouring Books

Our private ambulances are suitable for all ages, ranging from the elderly to young children. Colouring books are fantastic on board to make the journey fun for younger people or whoever may enjoy it.

Fidget Toys

These are ideal for people who are struggling to stay calm and maybe lashing out. They help to channel energy and keep hands busy.

TV With Built-In Sound System & Sensory Lights!

Suitable for all ages and a real luxury in an ambulance, the built-in TV keeps patients occupied and helps them kick back and relax. The sensory lights are great for children and for people who are struggling to stay calm.

Think you or somebody you know could benefit from our private hospital transport service?

E-mail us, fill out an enquiry form or give us a call on 0800 634 1478 if you have any questions or simply want some advice. We are more than happy to help.

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