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How To Prepare For Your Private Patient Ambulance Trip
A patient loaded onto back of an EMA Private ambulance

How Do I Prepare For A Private Patient Ambulance Trip?

It’s rarely sensible to leave anything down to chance. Your patient ambulance trips are no exception! For the best experience possible, you ought to plan your activities before the journey. After all, ensuring your safety, security and comfort span beyond choosing the right vehicle. Boarding your private ambulance after a stress-free routine will leave you in a much better position. You’ll be able to enjoy your journey without anxiety, meaning it’ll feel faster. Here’s what you can do to prepare for your patient ambulance trip.

1. Speak In-Depth To Staff

Nobody is better qualified to help you prepare for your journey than the carers in your ambulance. Where possible, call the team a week before your travel and ask what you can do to prepare. The ambulance operators will likely have questions of their own to tailor their service to your requirements. Now is also the time to mention any potential issues your location could pose to your boarding.

Are you up several flights of stairs that you’ll need assistance tackling? Are you on the main road where parking isn’t possible, so you’ll need a wheelchair or a stretcher to the nearest car park? Help the team plan your travel by considering the route you’ll need to take out of your accommodation. You may even need to move furniture in preparation to fit equipment during your way out.

EMA private Ambulance Service crew stood next to an EMA ambulance

2. Get Plenty Of Sleep Beforehand

Of course, it’s natural to feel anxious the day before an appointment. However, you’ll be better equipped for travel when you’re well-rested. Do everything possible to secure plenty of sleep the night before your journey! Dedicate time to relaxation, whether you need a glass of hot milk, a long bath or the help of safe herbal remedies. You can’t force sleep, but you can encourage a restful night.

3. Take Medication And Eat Normally

Unless you’ve been told otherwise by a medical professional or you’re preparing for surgery, you should approach your day as usual before your journey. A hearty meal means you won’t feel frustrated and hungry during your journey. Though you aren’t going to complete any strenuous activity, it’s sensible to do everything in your power for good health. Suppose there can be adverse side effects to your medication, or you anticipate you’ll display drowsiness that could cause concern. In that case, you can inform the staff on your ambulance as to what you’ve taken.

4. Finish Dressing Early

Nothing starts your day with more anxiety than running late. Avoid a rush on the morning of your journey by putting your clothes on early! This step is crucially important if you’re going to receive assistance when leaving your accommodation too. Whether you choose to be collected on a track chair or a scoop board, the team will arrive with plenty of time to tackle your stairs. You certainly want to be dressed when they knock on the door!

5. Use The Toilet Before Leaving

You ought to pop to the bathroom before a journey, and that isn’t an unusual piece of advice. Indeed, you don’t want to be stuck worrying and needing the toilet on an ambulance! You’ll already feel enough anxiety about the appointment you’re travelling to attend. Even for a short journey, try and ensure your bladder is empty before you board. Your experience will be much more comfortable when you aren’t in a panic.

6. Don’t Be Afraid!

Finally, rest assured that you’re in good hands before you set off. All staff are raring and ready to help make your journey as enjoyable as possible! Keep an open and honest dialogue with the patient transport team, and ask for anything you require. If you’re nervous, don’t be afraid to admit your apprehension because staff can help soothe your nerves. At EMA Patient Transport, all of our vehicles come equipped with entertainment to distract and comfort you! Book now, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you prepare for your patient ambulance trip. Alternately you can call us on 0800 634 1478 or email us for more information.

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