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Travelling Near and Far To Support Patients
The EMA Ambulance crew, travelling across the UK to transport patients


Our team of highly trained, conscientious, and experienced professionals can travel both near and far to provide the specialist transport support that patients require. 

EMA secure transport ambulance on route to pick a patient up.

EMA – Providing Secure Mental Health Transport, Non-emergency Patient Transport Across The UK

We are proud to be a Dorset-based organisation, providing secure transport, non-emergency patient transport and our private ambulance service to individuals and organisations across the South West of England. 

Our specialist ambulance crews most commonly operate in and serve patients in the following areas: 

  • Devon 
  • Somerset 
  • Dorset 
  • Reading 
  • Avon & Wiltshire 
  • Hampshire
  • Guildford
  • London
  • Kent

We are delighted to also be able to travel to areas much further afield to wherever patients require support, providing transport that offers a high-quality level of care, security, and comfort. 

In short, we travel to wherever we are required. 

Our approach sees us journey to places across the UK, such as our recent trip to the Isle of Wight, where we provided secure mental health transport to a patient being treated at the Sevenacres unit, part of the Isle of Wight NHS Trust

We’ve also even travelled as far as Scotland to provide our patient transport services.

We plan to continue in our approach and willingness to travel both near and far moving forward, with one of our key aims being to expand our services into different areas of the UK. 

This will enable us to reach and support even more clients that require a premium service from an experienced and trusted provider.

If you are interested in our services contact us today and we will provide you with more information.

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