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What to Consider When Choosing a Private Patient Transport Provider
EMA private Ambulance Service, ambulance

Getting The Right Private Patient Transport Service provider

Choosing the right patient transport service provider for a journey is the first step to a problem-free, calm and collected experience. Not only does the vehicle need to provide security and protection to vulnerable occupants, but the transport team must be able to offer a smooth journey free of drama so that patients are less anxious for their destination.

Here is a handy list of tips detailing what to look out for when choosing a patient transport provider.


What Medical Equipment Is On Board?

This is an important question to ask from the very beginning, and mainly when the destination is a hospital. Incidents can occur during any drive with a vulnerable client, and being prepared for the possibility is vital from a patient transport provider. The aim is always to help the patient to arrive at their destination in the best state possible, meaning medical attention may be required during the drive.

Ideally, patient transport vehicles should be equipped with oxygen, observation kits and basic first aid kits as a standard. The patient transport team should also be trained and confident with how to use every piece of equipment when the need arises. Safety of the occupant is always a top priority before comfort, so storing the correct first aid and medical equipment is a top priority.


What Is Their Niche?

There are several different reasons that a patient transport service may be required. The best approach will be to try and find a transport service that caters for specific patient needs! If the patient struggles with mobility, a transport service that advertises themselves as extremely accessible and wheelchair-friendly will suit their needs best.

Secure transport services are available for specific patient types too. One area of specialty for patient transport service providers is the unique requirements of a mental health patient during their journeys. Every drive with a specialised team will be planned with these in mind. Providing a distraction method such as TV during the drive is just one measure that can be employed to keep mental health patients as comfortable as possible.

A patient loaded onto back of an EMA Private ambulance


What Is Their Pricing?

The pricing of a patient transport service is always something to be considered. While in most cases you receive what you pay for, you also don’t want to be shelling out an unreasonable amount of money if that can be avoided. Shop around before paying for a private journey, and don’t be afraid to call different providers to enquire about their pricing.

If you are searching for a patient transport provider for a trip to the hospital, the NHS may provide your patient transport service free of charge. This is only relevant if you have a medical condition that would prevent you from being able to make the journey independently, or if you require the skills of an ambulance care assistant during the drive.


Who Are Their Services For?

Patient transport service teams usually target their business toward different types of service providers. Service providers can include the NHS, ICB’s (Integrated Care Board), local authorities, care homes and insurance companies. As well as this, patient transport service teams can also offer services to public clients privately.

EMA private Ambulance Service, ambulance

If a patient transport service provider targets their services predominantly to care homes, they may specialise in handling dementia patients. A specialist dementia team won’t be as well equipped to transfer a child with physical health issues to the hospital. A patient transport service team working with inmates that need moving from prison will need to be more secure than a vehicle providing transfers for an insurance company.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you’re searching for a patient transport provider. You’re guaranteed to receive a service most suitable for your needs if you are upfront about your requirements. For further advice on selecting effective patient transport, please contact us at EMA Patient Transport.

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