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Care and Compassion: EMA’s Commitment During Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Launched in 2001 by the Mental Health FoundationMental Health Awareness Week, aims to help people understand their and others mental health, prioritise it and help tackle the stigma related to mental health conditions.

This year’s theme, “Movement: Moving more for our mental health,” highlights the importance of physical activity, which is beneficial not only for your physical health but also crucial in managing and improving people’s mental health and mindset in general.

people walking outside in the countryside to aid there mental health through exercise

Supporting Movement For Mental Health: EMA’s Mental Health Transport Services

As part of our commitment during Mental Health Awareness Week, EMA Patient Transport recognises the powerful link between physical activity and mental well-being for a person. Sometimes it’s not just for the person with mental health issues, but perhaps a family member who is trying to help or a carer that is also struggling to cope as well.

Enhanced Support for Mental Health Professionals

Image showing a magnifying glass on Support for mental health professionals

Collaboration with mental health professionals is at the heart of our operations. We provide specialised vehicles and crews to support local authorities and AMHPs in their roles, ensuring that patients receive care that respects their dignity and legal rights. Our secure mental health transport services cater to diverse mental health conditions and age groups, demonstrating our adaptability and commitment to mental health advocacy.

How Can I Provide Daily Mental Health Support?

Supporting someone with mental health issues doesn’t require expert knowledge, but rather, everyday gestures that show care and thoughtfulness. Here are five practical ways to provide support to someone with mental health issues:

1. Express Your Support Regularly

Simply stating that you’re there for them can significantly impact your loved ones. Regular affirmations through texts or calls can remind them they’re not alone, fostering a more steady recovery.

2. Inquire About Their Needs

Ask your loved ones how you can assist them in small, meaningful ways—whether it’s bringing them a treat or accompanying them for a walk. Flexibility in responding to their needs shows your willingness to help.

one man listening to another persons problems and helping with their mental health

3. Maintain Normality

It’s important to treat your loved ones normally, avoiding constant focus on their mental health. Engage in usual conversations and activities to provide a comfortable distraction from their struggles.

4. Respect Boundaries

Always respect the boundaries set by your loved ones. Pushing them too hard can lead to withdrawal, so it’s essential to listen and respond with sensitivity.

5. Self-Care Is Crucial

a woman exercising outside in a group to promote well being in herself

Looking after your own mental health is vital. Ensuring that you are well helps you be a more effective supporter for your loved ones. Remember, sharing responsibilities and taking time for yourself are key also.

EMA’s Role In Facilitating Access To Movement

Understanding the challenges faced by those with mental health issues and limited mobility, EMA provides tailored private ambulance solutions that help all individuals participate in movement-based activities, essential for mental wellness. People with mobility issues who are maybe bed bound, or struggle to get out of their house, care home or facility that they are in, often suffer from mental health issues.

A large dose of Vitamin D (sunlight) and fresh air, always helps with an uplift in mood and a person’s mental health. Whether it’s a trip out for a special occasion, a trip to the seaside or park, or for a coffee to meet friends, just getting outside makes a massive difference. 

special occasion day out at the seaside for a patient and family with EMA Patient Transport

EMA has a fleet of custom-built ambulances that ensures that even those with significant mobility restrictions can safely accommodate all these things, and reach destinations that offer therapeutic activities, be it community centers, therapy sessions, or simply a refreshing environment outdoors.

Comprehensive Mental Health Transport Solutions

An EMA Secure mental health ambulance with its side and back doors open, on a grassy field

At EMA, we understand the unique needs of our mental health clients. Our fleet of custom-built ambulances is equipped with the latest medical equipment and comfort features, ensuring a safe environment for both patients and staff. Whether it’s a journey from home to care or nursing homes, healthcare facilities or inter-facility transfers, our specialist teams are trained in mental health support and first aid to provide care throughout the journey. Our services extend across various scenarios, including supporting Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs) and ensuring adherence to the Mental Health Act guidelines.

Why Choose EMA For Mental Health Transport?

Choosing EMA means opting for a service that places patient comfort and safety at the forefront. From advanced ambulances equipped with sensory lighting and entertainment systems to compassionate care from our expert team, we aim to make every journey as comfortable as possible. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our continuous training and adherence to the latest health care protocols.

Join EMA In Supporting Mental Health

This Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s highlight the importance of accessible and compassionate transport solutions for those facing mental health challenges. Supporting someone with mental health challenges involves simple yet impactful actions. This week, let us remember that our support can make a significant difference in their lives. 

mental health awareness image of a woman meditating outside in art decor colours

Join EMA in promoting better mental health care and support throughout our communities. At EMA, we are dedicated to enhancing our services continually and supporting the mental health community every step of the way.  Click the highlighted links for more information on our mental health transport services, or to arrange a private ambulance transport, You can contact us directly at 0800 634 1478.

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