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The EMA Team: How do we train our staff?

When partnering with a transport provider, it is essential that you are working with a company who have a team of staff that are experienced and have undergone extensive training, to ensure both your organisation and your patients are protected.

Working directly with the patient, the transport team plays a pivotal role in providing the patient with best possible experience, keeping them safe and protected whilst ensuring best practice is followed.

At EMA Patient Transport, we are proud to have such a dedicated team of nursing clinicians and support workers supporting our clients.

In this blog, we give an insight into the type of experience and training our staff have, to give you complete peace of mind that your patients will be in the safest hands possible when travelling with EMA Patient Transport.

Mental Health Transport Training

All of our staff receive continued training in the best practices of quality and care, all in compliance with the CQC.

A key focus for our organisation is ensuring the development of our staff and their skills and we support this through underground industry-recognised training on a continuous basis.

The learning and development never stops at EMA Patient Transport and we are always striving to better ourselves, in order to provide the best possible service to patients of all ages and with varying requirements.

Mental Health Experience

Each member of our secure ambulance team has experience and history working as mental health specialists in a variety of healthcare fields.

From this experience, they have developed and honed their abilities and skills, enabling them to resolve any issue or face any situation that may occur.

Mental Health Transport Experience

In addition to their prior mental health experience, our team are well versed specifically in mental health transport.

From safely removing resisting patients from hospital wards, to transporting patients between Police custody suites and in the community, our team are experienced with many transport types.

Skills that go beyond training

Having the correct training and experience is an essential part of working within the patient transport industry, but it also requires skills that go beyond those that can be simply taught.

Our staff are compassionate, kind and caring and they always strive to ensure that our patients feel respected during their time with us.

The EMA team are the soul of everything we do and we pride ourselves on the extensive experience and training they have undergone, to help ensure the best possible experience is provided at all times for both the patient and organisation.