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EMA Patient Transport Provides Private Patient Transport Services
Multiple images showing EMA Patient Transport Services

What Transport Services do EMA Offer?

Over the past year we are delighted to have expanded our service offering, to offer a range of patient transport options to support individuals with varying needs. 

We have invested heavily in expanding our fleet of vehicles, staff training and our equipment, enabling us to convey individuals that have specific needs. We offer private ambulance services from Mental Health transport through to our Non-Emergency Patient Transport services. 

access ramp at the back of an EMA Private Ambulance

Are You Looking For Private Patient Transport Services? 

We understand that when looking for transport for a patient, family member or even yourself, it can sometimes be confusing to know what to look for. 

In this blog, we wanted to provide some valuable information to clarify who we can support through our private patient transport services, to make finding medical transport a simple and stress-free process for you, a family member or a patient in care.

Mental Health Transport 

We are a trusted mental health transport provider and have worked with a range of NHS institutions, care homes, councils and more.

Offering a Mental Health Ambulance service, we are able to work with a broad range of mental health patients and can cater to a varied range of needs.

Inside an EMA Patient Transport, mental health transport ambulance

Our secure transport service provides mental health patients with a comfortable journey accompanied by mental health practitioners, within customised ambulances.

Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Alongside Mental Health transport, we recently launched our NEPTS

Through this private ambulance service, we are able to convey patients who, for medical reasons, cannot travel by public transport or any other means to their hospital, doctors, or clinical appointment. This includes patients who do not qualify for free hospital transport.

We also offer medical transportation to patients that may require the skills and support of our trained team during or after their journey.

We are able to provide private patient transport for a wide variety of appointments and visits including: 

  • Outpatients appointments
  • Day care
  • Planned admissions and discharges
  • Care & Nursing Home Transfers
  • Bariatric Transportation
  • Palliative Transfers
  • Inter-hospital transfers
  • Day Trips Out When Medical Support is needed
  • Occasions – Weddings & Funerals

Transport for Elderly Individuals

We understand that transport can be difficult for elderly individuals and as a carer or relative, you want to ensure they are able to attend any appointments they may have timely and safely. 

Our team is able to transport individuals with varied mobility needs, so whether the individual is a recumbent patient or requires a wheelchair ramp, we have vehicles that can meet these needs.

ramp access to EMA private Ambulance

Each of our Private ambulances also have medical equipment on board, including a wheelchair, stretcher, oxygen, first aid kit, monitoring equipment and entertainment if needed. The patient will be accompanied by a highly trained team at all times to deal with any situation should it occur, giving you complete peace of mind. 

Multi Agency Working

Our work also often sees us working alongside organisations including emergency services, healthcare bodies and Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHP’s).

Working in partnership with these organisations, we are able to ensure that vulnerable patients in the community receive the appropriate care and support, whilst delivering efficiencies and ensuring the better use of resources. 

EMA secure mental health ambulance outside a police station

Police Transfers

We work alongside the police through multi-agency working, but we also support them through our secure transport services to conduct transfers. We also offer Court Of Protection transport services for individuals that need this.

The journeys we are able to offer include transfers between police custody suites and hospitals and the transfer of patients detained under the Mental Health Act 1983.

inside the padded area secure mental health ambulance with EMA Patient Transport

Our vehicles have safety features that ensure both the patient, organisation and our team are protected, helping to give you complete peace of mind that the individual will be kept secure at all times. 

Covid Transport

Finally, over recent months we have also been able to support numerous organisations and individuals providing Covid-19 Transport. 

Through extreme care and caution, we have transported Covid-19 positive patients into hospital to enable them to get treatment, with additional measures in place to protect the safety of all involved.  

We hope this blog has given you a greater insight into the type of transport services we provide and the type of patients we can support. 

So, no matter what your private patient transport needs may be, EMA is on hand to provide the best possible experience and journey for all patients. 

To book our service or to find out more call us on 0800 634 1488email or fill out an enquiry form

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